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    What do you chess.com members find the most useful feature(s) to learn with when learning openings/early stage of your chess game?

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    I play simple openings 1. e4 1...e5 or d5 so I know what breaks I want.

    So for example the focus as white in an 1. e4 e5 game may be building a d4 e4 centre and developing pieces. As black it would be to safely play d5.

    In 1. d4 d5 openings I'm playing for c5 and e5 breaks.

    I don't learn openings as such, just know what I'm aiming for, and play moves to fit these plans. This is enough to find 'theory' moves in my experience.

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    thanks Scott! would like to know more about opening rep but not sure where to look

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    I highly recommend the "Starting Out" series by everyman chess.  Find an opening that looks interesting to you (on Wikipedia, etc.) and then find the Starting Out book for that opening.


    Note that some Starting Out books (e.g. Starting Out: Sicilian Najdorf) are better than others (Starting Out: The Sicilian, which gives an overview of different Sicilian variations but does not provide you with a repertoire).  All are at least decent though.

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