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Queens Gambit

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    Can someone help me with the Queens gambit

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    What do you want to know?

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    Accepted or Declined?

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    Hi Pran462...No I can't help you!!! HAHA

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    Hi ckonjeti....YOU SUCK HAHA

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    I guess we're making no progress on the Queen's Gambit.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    I guess we're making no progress on the Queen's Gambit.

    We're still in the "getting to know you" phase, it seems . . . Wink

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    Queen's Gambit - EXPLAINED

    1. d4 with this move white develops one of his two center pawns forward two squares.

    1...d4 not wanting to concede central influence, black also develops the same central pawn forward two squares.

    2. c4 White wants to increase the influence of his center by advancing a flank pawn. If he were to play 2. e4 he would temporarily have more of his pawns in the center, but after 2...dxe4 he would no longer have a central pawn majority. But with c4 should black capture the pawn white will have more central pawns then black. Even if black doesn't capture white may chose to capture on d5 himself, also reducing the number of pawns black has in the center.

    Hope it helped.

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