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Reti Opening

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    pfren wrote:

    3.b4 is the only real try for an advantage, but it's quite risky.

    Isnt 3.e3 very risky as well?

    3..c5 then 4.b4 with quite a serious initiative as this is a blumenfeld gambit, but up a tempo.

    3..nc6 then 4.b4 dxe3 5.fxe3 anyways with very unclear complications (5..e5 leads to very strange play where white has a crazy space advantage, but his position has tons of weaknesses but 5..Nxb4 d4 c5/e5 a3 is always interesting, I think black is fine in these systems, but he has to wait for white's "initiative" to dissapate), tbh ive never seen anything good happen after 4.exd4

    3..dxe3 is horrible for black btw, he is down a few tempos compared to a normal blumenfeld, and white has this for no material loss.


    After 3.b4, I know 3..g6 gives white an extraordinary benoni, but 3..f6 is the best move somehow with some crazy 4.e3 e5 5.c5 (5.b5 leads to DEAD drawn, i have tried this multiple times, with not one win against same level opposition), and what now...? a5 probably, but from what ive heard, this is not good for white.

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    pfren wrote:

    I always had the impression that 3.c5 is less than harmless. What does Mikhalchisin recommend after 3...e5?"


    Please note Mikhalchisin wrote the article dealing with 1.Nf3 Nf6. The article dealing with 3.c5 was written by Bosch.

    Quoting from the article; after 3...e5 comes 4.Nxe5 Bxc5 as in [THIS GAME]

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    I usually play the Barcza (2. g3) instead of the Reti (2. c4)... and I've had fair success with it.

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    blueemu wrote:

    I usually play the Barcza (2. g3) instead of the Reti (2. c4)... and I've had fair success with it.

    Yeah, kramnik's game against Aronian was a very nice way of showing white's plan: KEEPING PIECES ON THE BOARD, in way too many openings there are pieces exchanged early...hardly cares about black's equality.

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    Bosch recommended: 

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    And white had won that game

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    Deep Rybka 4 x64 recommends 5...Bd6

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    I even see some similarities to the Grob in these positions

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    @JohnnyKGB - 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e4 is known as Kramer's Gambit. Look [HERE]

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    As far as I'm aware the point of SoS is not to recommend objectively great moves.  The point is to recommend decent moves that have been overlooked for those that want to immediately take their opponent out of books.  It has all the advantages of some obscure gambit except if your opponent responds accurately you get a slightly inferior position instead of losing outright. 

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    JohnnyKGB wrote:

    3..c5 and white has awkward issues on the d4 square, it's OKAY for white, but black has no issues whatsoever

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    Hello youngpro, you gave me a anothe opening

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    If you know someone really wants to play the Reti opening and they are begining with e4... then you can immediately take them out of the opening with d5.  If you do play the modern or Pirc defense and do not occupy the center early with pawns then the pawn on d3 will be a bit passive and allow you to complete your development and plans as black in the modern /  pirc.  Good luck!

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    @Jake421 - In the Reti opening e4 would not be played until late in the game if at all because the whole idea of the Reti is to hold back the center pawns and control the center from the flanks. Many Reti games end with the e-pawn still sitting on e2.

    You may be thinking of the KIA which is a special case of the Reti and which can be started with 1.e4 but can also begin with 1.Nf3 (most prefered) or even 1.d3 or 1.g3.

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    Good point wormrose.  I guess I am just used to playing the KIA as a fun way to meet a Cann or Sicilian or French.

    Still after e4 ... d5 leaves little options for white so if you are looking to "control the game" it is a good idea... and my other ideas of the modern / pirc structure are still good against it. Good luck.

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