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The Blackburne-Hartlaub-Gambit

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    Robert0905 hat geschrieben:

    7.Bd3 is one of plenty moves for White in this position...but i dont think its the strongest one, but your 8th move is really near to a blunder.

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    The_Ghostess_Lola wrote:

    DF....I just read ur page & I absolutely love this playing style. It truly brings fun to chess 4me2.

    Also, when I'm up against 1. e4....I play d5. If accepted, then I play Nf6....& that starts things too.

    It is pretty astonishing seeing someone play stuff like the Soller Gambit above the 2000 level in correspondence and win convincingly with it. Doesn't even seem to be holding him back.


    I play a lot of gambits as well, though I don't have the same philosophy as Dark_Falcon. I do want to improve to some kind of master level and I'm using gambit openings partly as tools to practice tactics. (Though ironically he's the one who's improved faster with his pull-no-punches style). I used to play defensive openings for many years and felt like I was stagnating around ~1700. Switching my style improved my chess all around and I finally made real gains. I've run into the occasional sourpuss who's given me a lot of flack for my openings, but it's worth it. Ultimately I just want to play good chess. If breaking a few rules gets me closer to that goal, then so be it.


    I wouldn't dare touch stuff like the Englund. For me, if my engine cannot find sufficient resources to draw and also still have counterplay in the critical lines I won't play it. But there are plenty gambits that seem to satisfy that--even ones with very poor reputations among the top brass.

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    This is wander yonder off topic....but I like to play hellasharp games w/out the concern to just win. I've found in 5 minute chess that there's a clear winner by somewhere in the middle game so being a footie soldier or two down is like....whatever. Where I snap is when my opposite trades down down down or dissipates for simple sake....yuk !

    I sense players wanna stay in their comfort zone. I strongly advise ?....no. Play unbridled wild, 4get about winning, throw theory out w/ the bathwater & see where ur creativity takes you !....Smile....and that's why I like Dark Bird's philosophy.

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    ....and Dark Falcon ?....I'm gonna rename this Black Bird's Heartthrob Gambit 'cuz you luv it ! 

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