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The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White

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    I just purchased this book and am enjoying reading through the variations. Does anyone know if a PGN of the games are avaialble someplace? I really don't want to have to type it all in myself ;)

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    Thanks Nimzo. Oddly enough, I have searched for it. I just happened to have come up blank with the searches I've used. However, that doesn't mean it's not out there. Some individual may have already done the work and be willing to share. Or it may not show up when searching for obvious key words.

    But thanks for the great example of what passes for "helpful."

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    God helps those who help themselves - ancient Greek(?) proverb

    Yes, pgns of the games are probably available thru a massive DB such as Chess Base or Chess Assistant, otherwise I'm willing to bet there is no collection of pgn files for Kaufman's book specifically, but even looking them up game by game is probably faster than typing in the game scores but you'll still have to type in players names (at least), ECO codes and/or dates and/or results will help obtain more specific results.

    But I suppose this isn't very "helpful" either esp if you don't happen to own such a DB...

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    Pfren do you have a suggestion for a repertoire book (or books) for an improving 1500 OTB player that is focused on d4 mainlines as white?

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    I'm not pfren, and I'm not an IM.  But John Cox did a Starting Out book on mainline d4 stuff that people seemed to like.

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