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What do French Defence Players Play as White.

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    These days 1 d4 is my main move by far, occasionally 1 c4 as well. Against the nimzo I play the classical, against the KID I either play the classical or the fianchetto, depending on my opponent. If I think he's playing the KID because he loves kingside attacks for example, I'll go for the positional fianchetto variation. Against the QGD I play the exchange, the slav I play the meran system usually. I'm also interested in the catalan though I haven't got to studying it yet. So mostly a pretty positional repertoire.

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    I'm an avid French player, although I throw out the occasional Sicilian Dragons, and the Scandanavian.

    As white, I play d4 and e4 about equally. I generally encounter a Sicilian, where I go for the f4 push or the Yugoslav Attack. I go in to Ruy Lopez and Caro-Kann Exchange/Advance too. Against French, I play the poisoned-pawn variation or Tarrasch.

    I like the Catalan against Indian systems. I sometimes throw out the Reti Opening or the King's Indian Attack, but extremely rarely. English if I'm on a losing streak against that player :P

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    i play the french against 1.e4 dutch stonewall against 1.d4 but as white i like to play the english or 1.Nf3 which can easily transpose into the english or many others depending on blacks response

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    I play 1.e4

    and when facing the French I play 1.e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3

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    I play a butchered variation of the French Defense , as both white and black.

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    d4 will give you the same closed centres you're used to along with the wing attacks and general positional themes you're used to but with the added advantage of a lead in space, usually. It might be worth looking at.

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