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what to play vs 1.e4?

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    amartalon wrote:

    hmmm I've never looked at that 6...f6 move no.  I'm not sure it's really my style to play that type of move although it looks interesting.  Thanks for pointing it out.

    I find it interesting that even variations with reputations for quiet play and solidity like the Caro-Kann can suddenly transform into tactical shootouts in certain variations.  It's why you can't really cover a weakness in your game just by trying to avoid it with particular openings.

    Yea.. the f6 lines are a bit different - the pawn structures wind up very weird. There is about 6 or 7 subvarations and some of them go quite deep. I have afeeling that it is easy to get out of book rather quickly on these lines. I have never played it against a human (not ready to fall on my sword yet) but I am doing a lot of prep work and playing against Shredder alot - hopefully I will be ready to wield it next month.


    I think you are exactly right - you can not hide your weaknesses behind an opening. If someone is very adapt at that opening they should be able to move you to uncomfortable waters fairly quickly.


    Best to practice all phases of your game - 


    At 44 and only playing chess for 5 months I have no delusions of ever becoming a GM - you wont find me in that thread - I do beleive that I can become a master of the Carro - Kann over time though. No cool initials next to my name for that, but a realalistic goal.


    If you ever would like to study some lines or share notes let me know - 



    PS: OP sorry for hi-jacking your thread and taking it off topic.

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