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Why are the blitz and standard ratings so much lower, and the players stronger??

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    I believe the blitz ratings are ~300 points lower than online ratings on chess.com.

    Mostly, I think this is because there are some people who only play online, who are pretty weak - not slamming people, just the facts - and this elevates the numbers.  (My online chess record is 35-2-4.  I am not that good.) 

    I suspect the blitz ratings are closer to an OTB USCF rating, but they may be inflated, too. (My blitz rating is 1630.  It has been years since I had a USCF rating, but I think it would be lower probably.)

    My bullet rating is 1550.  To me, bullet inevitably turns into a clickfest at some point.

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    It's interesting to read this thread, where everyone accepts as true that blitz and standard ratings are deflated compared to online ratings, and are close to OTB ratings, but on another thread, the mere suggestion that such a thing is possible is treated with vitriol.

    I agree with the posters on this thread that blitz and standard ratings are on average ~200-300 points lower than correspondence ratings, and that they are more indicative of over-the-board ratings than correspondence ratings would be. Of course, there are plenty of outliers, but generally, it is possible to compare ratings even in different populations and predict about how a person would perform OTB. 

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    I have standard rating around 1500 and my blitz currently is ~900 and slowing down. What am I doing wrong?

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    My ratings are as follows: 

    Bullet 1211, Blitz 1061, Correspondence 1651

    Part of the discrepancy is how I play Live Chess. I usually play when I'm on the train, and often lose cellphone signal. I play lots of fast games, and usually play for amusement, and experiement with risky/suicidal moves. 

    With Correspondence I mostly play tournaments, and take extra care with all my moves. I use the Opening Explorer, and make use of the analysis board. My blunder rates are a lot lower, and I've beaten a 2000 level player. 

    I definintely think my actual rating is closer to my Live scores than my correspondence, though when anyone asks my estimated ELO I'll always quote my Correspondence score ;)

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    Cause the ratings are totally messed up. Even down at 500 rating, I'm struggling to beat these people. I swear, these people make brilliant plays every game.

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