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News Flash!! Sarcasm gets you banned.

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    aussiedj wrote:

    Hello. Can you please join the learning center? We have 1 hour lectures with affordable prices for under $20. We have: GM Yaroslav Zherbukh, IM Valeri Lilov, IM Devan S, and more!! Please join here: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/the-learning-centre


    No,Go Away ! This forum is reserved for Sarcasm.

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    Sarcasm aside, it's good that chess.com has so many mature well adjusted people posting on the forums.

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    What's "Sarcasm"?

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    I can only see two other peoples' post (besides mine).

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    Anyone know how to remove a ban from live chess?

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               You've been here 5 months. How'd did you get banned?

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    from a moderator in a chat room... i said "b**gers" and then compared one current political leader to a former historical leader that is generally frowned upon, without any use of profanity, and voila, i was told i was banned and then couldn't play live chess anymore

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    what is 'sar-cas-em'?

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    Brother of Sir- don- ic.

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