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News Flash!! Sarcasm gets you banned.

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    yeddy, Exactly! Sarcasm is an evolutionary advancemet in a humanistic society. Though, slapping some fool silly to straighten him out is probably a better social tool for the species survival.  Thus, we are to civilized to preserve a strong evolutionary social structure and eventually the idiots will take over (more) and we'll be made to not use sarcasm in retaurants, stores and such. Small groups of people huddled outside an Applebys being snarky about the fools inside, scaring away the smokers and helping stop cancer! Therefore, we should be applauded for our civic responsibility, since we do everything right and know it because others do it differently and they dress funny.

    I love chess.

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    and, in an utter worst case scenario,  i've been blocked from commenting on a certain forum which means the 'tracking comments' option isn't available for me to un-check. this leaves me completly helpless against receiving an update anytime someone posts to the topic. simply awful.

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    Just ignore it, we have all been there.

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                     Wait a minute,Yeddy, why can't you un-track again??

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    if you are blocked from posting in a forum then there is no 'tracking comments' option at the bottom of the page to un-check. so, in effect, i receive the alerts when someone posts but cannot comment back or remove my tracking!

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    breaking news for chess.com forum users: rumour has it that the staff at chess.com are looking into the logistics of billing a surcharge of $0.05 everytime a user makes a snide remark. furthermore studies at harvard and yale have shown that users of sarcasm are twice as likely to think twice before speaking if such levies are imposed. interesting, huh?

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    Some of us will soon be bankrupt then.

  • 7 days ago · Quote · #88


    i know, right? with every waking breath, it is all that i can do to not post degrading comments on some of these forums!

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