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Chess Player of the Month May 2012

  • 24 months ago · #281


    Wow! I wake up and find that Teja works for fascists, chubbychocobo is gone, and idiot Katy Perry, who is a schill for the disgusting U.S. military, is staining the purity of CPOTM!YellCry

  • 24 months ago · #282


    Russel Brand is missing out on something I see...

  • 24 months ago · #283


    On what, some square-faced talentless schlocky bint?  Oh wait, that describes him equally well...

  • 24 months ago · #284


    ciljettu wrote:

    We need to think of a right-wing version of CPOTM based on objective chessplaying merit rather than Anglophile cultural imperialist lefty liberal pseudomarxist prodiversity claptrap

    hmm. Sounds political cjett ? Will pass it to the experts :

  • 24 months ago · #285


    Tastes a bit like chicken...

  • 24 months ago · #286


    LisaV wrote:

    Xenia likes vodka martini, straight up with a twist, as can easily be found in the August 2010 cpotm train wreck.  lol

    train wreck is spot on! i'm glad none of my friends who aren't known in these 'classless' forums voted for me last month. haha! 

  • 24 months ago · #287


    ciljettu wrote:

    So cute reminds me of my pet gerbils!

    Oh, no...

  • 24 months ago · #288



    For being a sudden great friend...its marvellous to get good people to be your friends! And yeah...for his good chess skills and friendliness and politeness and what not!

  • 24 months ago · #289


    I vote Star_Egypt.

  • 24 months ago · #290


    I hope this works...

  • 24 months ago · #291


    I'll try this...

  • 24 months ago · #292


    There, new page! I was getting sick of seeing Katy and her stupid boobs whenever I checked this thread.

  • 24 months ago · #293


    I don't think it mattered, trysts. Pic is gone already!

  • 24 months ago · #294


    Ha! I thought I would be in the minority about that!Laughing

  • 24 months ago · #295


    The_Peacock wrote:
    trysts wrote:

    Ha! I thought I would be in the minority about that!

    dONT take Chrisr to seriously she gets bald sometimes....thats all...

    Chris is a "he", Peacock, and since he's a man I assume he's quite weakened by the boobs, like most menLaughing

  • 24 months ago · #296


    Depends on whose boobs.

  • 24 months ago · #297


    Unless you were referring to some of the members here.

  • 24 months ago · #298


    He stole hess's stash

  • 24 months ago · #299


    For most men that I have been around, it doesn't really matter whose boobs, TMIMTW. They are quite willing to overlook any and all contrasting personalities for the boobsLaughing

  • 24 months ago · #300


    TMIMITW wrote:

    He stole hess's stash

    You are making two assumptions in four words whoever you are.

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