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Fischer vs Karpov?

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    Just wondering if anybody can enlighten me. Did Fischer and Karpov ever play each other? And if so what was the outcome?

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    i don't think they did because there were rumours at the time that fischer quit normal chess for fischer random(chess960) because he was afraid of young karpov

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    hm i've never seen any games between them but i thought their careers overlapped just before Fischer 'retired'. Unfortunate if they never played. Always feel slightly sorry for Karpov as most of the time when world champion he seems to have held it by default despite clearly being worthy of the title  

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    True. To be fair to Fischer he achieved his ambition/destiny to be world champ and his life choices were his to make. A shame for all chess fans not to see him continue but there you go. He did play Spassky again in the 90's for the big purse so perhaps he didnt need the extra cash facing Karpov or indeed Kasparov would have brought.

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    First @ Thetubester : I think Fischer refused to play Karpov, as in the 90's the difference in strength was that big that Karpov would have won by 7-3 in 1993 and by 7½-2½ in 1995, based on their Elo ratings : Karpov in 1993-1995 over 2800 and Fischer's going down from 2650 in 1992 to under 2600 in 1994.

    And @ CuriousBarrel, post 3 : based on their Elo ratings at that time, Fischer could have won 7½-2½ in 1970/1971 ; in 1972 by 7-3 and around 1973 by still 6½-3½, although Fischer's rating was going down already.

    In  the second half of 1974 their Elo's were both around 2800, but Fischer stopped playing ;  in the first half of 1974  Fischer still could have won ( although by 5½-4½, based on their Elo's ) ...

    I know that all this is based on Elo's and guesses, but it gives some indication as to their strenght.             Why they did not play each other is a remaining question, being afraid, not needing the money, whatever.

    I hope others will still look for games they played, if so, lets say during the years 1969-1974 !

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    Several of you have said it - when Bobby got the title he made the decision there and then never to play again. He made that decision in 1972. As followers of the sport that decision was a terrible one. It was terrible for the world of chess to be deprived of Fischer's talents and it waste terible for Bobby personally because it deprived him. I know some will argue that he left the game on his terms and all that, but in his heart of hearts it is clear that he still loved the game and it's hold over him never waivered - so he was personally deprived by his own decision in 1972.

    He never did play Karpov as far as we know. They did meet three times according to Karpov in 1970's but they never actually played even one game of chess against each other. What a terrible pity. My own view is that in 1975, Bobby was still the better player despite being inactive. However if he did defend the title, Karpov and the USSR would have tried every tactic and strategy to try to regain the title. Why would Fischer expose himself to that? I reckon part of him would have relished taking on the USSR system and it's posterboy Karpov. But the part of the Bobby which  was afraid to risk his reputation prevailed sadly.

    It is a terrible pity for posterity that they never actually played a match.

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    yea i hate fischer so much that i put his pic as my avatar to show my hatred for him

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    Karpov was going to crush Fischer like a bug.

    I do so love all the revisionist fanboi adulation for the fool, though. 

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    apart from winning the world title with no trainers, his other great achievement was exposing the general public as unforgiving.

    Fischer and chips forever!

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    He had trainers.


  • 2 years ago · Quote · #11


    no trainers

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    As time goes by, the lies become even crazier.

    Next we will hear he was as big as Paul Bunyun and his boogers could have cured cancer, too. 

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    Larry Evans and William Lombardi would beg to differ.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #14


    yes, they taught him everything

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #15


    Never made that claim.
    But, they did teach him a lot. 

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #16


    how much ?

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    It is well known and documented that after Fisher had a falling out with Evans he asked Lomardi for help in preparing for the Spassky match.

    I know this does not fit into the fantasy narrative fischerphiles have created for themselves, but it is true. 

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    i was talking about trainers, you're talking about seconds.

    i don't think we will ever see the day on this site that members will stop rubbishing Fischer.

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    I am talking about trainers, and playing training games.

    Which is what he did.

    I think maybe if you substitute the words 'private coach' for 'trainer' your position would be correct.

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    List of his trainers please.

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