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i don't like Carlsen, he's fake. Anand is honest

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    Yuri_K wrote:

    Im very happy girl today, Magnus lose again.

    Since i create this topic, Magnus has no win :)

    YAY!!! I'm a very happy boy then, too! :)

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    "Im very happy girl today, Magnus lose again.

    Since i create this topic, Magnus has no win :)"

    Apart from the five he won in the Olympiad?

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    I will just say Puff puffeldi peffer

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    Carlsen is the best Annan is a joke

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    ein einziges Irrenhaus hier

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    hahah ja ich liebe es zu counter-trollen wenn Trolle durch einen Thread laufen. Das macht wirklich Spaß :D

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    Capa_Tal wrote:

    Carlsen is the best Annan is a joke

    "what did i do this time?"

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    Yuri_K wrote:

    im so happy he lost at norway tournamenent. cant stand him

    the look on his face so fake. he look like hypocrite.

    please Anand win world championship.

    i cannot believe i like Carslen before. i was blind

    Nakamura has fun personality.

    most chess players have great personality except Fake Carlsen.

    The 2 cancer of chess are Carlsen and Kingcrusher

    Right now, I don't care very much who wins the world championship, but Nakamura ever gets there, patriotism will take over, regardless of who he's playing. 

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    Yuri_K wrote:

    I like him before but after I watch interviews of carlsen, no longer like him because he give fake answers.

    he reminds me of korean celebrities, they give scripted answers for protect their public image. Carlen does same. No honesty.

    Anand is honest, speaks his mind, not afraid to offend people. I hope he beats Fake Carslen.

    aaw... and I heard he really likes you :(

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    JMB2010 hat geschrieben:

    Today, Chessnews.com revealed that after FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov refused to postpone the world championship match in Sochi, Carlsen wrote a letter to the president declaring the resignation of his title, much like Fischer did 40 years ago. Carlsen has announced his desire to create a new organization, much like Kasparov's PCA. FIDE has announced a new world championship match between Anand and Karjakin taking place in Sochi in November. More information can be found here -


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