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    plexinico wrote:

    It would be interesting a match between Carlsen and Houdini.  And Houdini has to play for the win only.  If a draw occured the point would go for Carlsen.
    What would happen there?!

    That would be really interesting. Faced with such a challenge, the Houdini programmers would probably have to go through all available games played by Carlsen and try to figure out any patterns as to what kinds of mistakes Carlsen tends to make that might make him lose (especially with the white pieces), and then to program Houdini to try to steer Carlsen into positions where he will be especially likely to make such mistakes - even at the cost of taking some risk of Carlsen winning by capitalizing on the deviation from perfect play that this strategy forces Houdini into. After Carlsen learns how Houdini is programmed to try to lure him out onto slippery ice, Houdini will have to take even bigger risks, and Carlsen will probably win an increasing proportion of the games played, since humans are - as for now at least - better at spotting patterns than computers are. To defeat Carlsen more often than draw/lose, Houdini will then have to develop true human-level artificial intelligence of a broader kind than merely the good old chess calculations, so that it can hypnotize Carlsen into making crucial mistakes, as that will finally be the only way to make Carlsen lose more often than draw/win. To hypnotize a human into that, the computer probably has to develop general human-level AI and beyond, rather than "merely" an ability to play "perfect" chess.

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    Actually I think I remember reading somewhere that Carlsen hates playing his computer. I think he was quoted as saying something along the lines that it is frustrating because he is playing an idiot that always wins.

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    Winnie_Pooh wrote:
    Vease wrote:

    He isn't even guaranteed to beat strong grandmasters every time, in fact his recent tournament results aren't all that great so he has no chance against Houdini running on multiple cores. Its actually irrelevant because Houdini 'cheats' by having perfect access to the most up to date opening theory and endgame tablebases while playing, most of us could play better if we were looking things up as we went along.

    if you think the opening book isn't a big deal try playing against an engine with the opening book turned off, they play 500 ELO worse.

    You may have a point in that. But even if an engine with 3200 ELO is down 500 ELO without opening book it is still a formidable opponent

    not really cheating. Consider this, sure, houdini uses an opening book, guess it's an option? Anyways, It's data programmed into the engine to know how to play against an opponent. 

    Now, is it cheating is YOU study and, so-called, program openings into your data base(your brain)? Plus 500elo point difference? Like you really believe that's gonna make a huge difference?

    I play against Houdini a lot. But not on it's strongest level. Why kid myself?? But it does have strength adjustments. I work my way up the elo rating for both white and black. I make sure I win on both sides before advancing to the next level. As of now, I'm trying to get over the 1950 elo.

    I have an upcoming tournament and I need to program my data base before the meeting next month. I'm a student at MATC and we're playing against another collage. Wish me luck!

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    aikansh14 wrote:

    carlsen will lose against houdini

    but GM Vishy Anand can easily beat houdini 

    Yes like carlsen crush Vishy :p

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    Red4444 wrote:
    Natalia_Pogonina ha scritto:

    Maybe he can draw one game out of very many, but not win...

    Absolutely impossible nowadays even for a 2800+

    i think carlsen can draw houdini and no only carlsen few player on top can do it too

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    JamieKowalski wrote:
    JoseO wrote:

    This reminds me of the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey". In the movie, computers had gotten so strong that it was virtually impossible for a human to beat them. The computers had to be programmed to "throw" away the occasional game to keep humans interested in playing.

    I'm not sure what movie you're describing, but it's not 2001: A Space Odyssey.


    One of the astronauts on the ship is shown playing a game of chess against

    the HAL 9000 computer.  You can find the entire game by googling it :)

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