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Most underrated player ever?

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #201


    Probably the most underrated player ever is Anand.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #202


    TetsuoShima wrote:

    Probably the most underrated player ever is Anand.

    Come off it, he's always in the discussions of great players.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #203


    TetsuoShima wrote:
    AssauIt wrote:

    keres, schlecter or Nezhmetdinov.

    i dont think any of those are underrated. Keres was Christiansens idol.Also some said he was the strongest player to never become champion(well ofc they said it about a whole bunch of people but Keres being one of them)

    Schlechter was according to popular believe cheated of the world champion title by Laskers dirty doings (well thats what i read at least)

    Nezhmetdinov i dont know i think everyone loves him, i cant imagine him being underestimated. Especially knowing that he was inspiration to Tal.

    Exactly, they were all so great, great enough to be idols and inspirations for great players. However they get so little attention because they never held the world championship title. That's why I think they're under rated.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #204


    Assault i think i agree with you on that.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #205


    Sofia Polgar

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  • 14 months ago · Quote · #207


    Maroczy, Topalov, Bogo.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #208


    fabelhaft wrote:

    Maroczy, Topalov, Bogo.

    i believe Maroczy is overrated. Not a real proof, just a hunch,

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #209


    checkmateibeatu wrote:

    Who do you think is the most underrated player ever?  Like before, no silly answers like members of this site, non chess players, etc.


  • 14 months ago · Quote · #210


    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    I barely ever read any of the previous comments, I just answer the title.

    Well, perhaps we should extend you the same courtesy?

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #211


    i think i need to explain a little bit why i chose petrosian and stein.

    petrosian cautious passive style isnot popular.he made many draws and people like players such as alekhine,tal kasparov as attackers or botvinnik smyslov fischer karpov as positional players

    all these players has a lot of fans and broaden our understanding of the game and add something amazing to the game but petrosian?

    as korchnoi said:

     how the hell can I be Petrosian's second if it makes me sick to watch how he plays?

    i think his deep strategic understanding is usually ignored and people dont like his slow motion chess although he was king of chess for 6 years.

    kasparov said about petrosian in his book my great predecessors:

    My games with the 9th world champion (Tigran Petrosian)broadened my understanding of chess. Had it not been for these two defeats, I would possibly not have reached the top in chess

    i also chose stein since he achieved all his great successes inside USSR and never had a chance to take part in candidates matches so he isnot famous  but there is no doubt he played chess briliantlly and for a few years he was in top5.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #212


    I still dont understand Kasparov reference, he said he beat petrosian because he got the advise from Botvinnik to not pull only one of his balls but both, seriously thats what he said i hope i dont get in trouble

    I dont get exactly what he ment by that.

    Anyway i really like Petrosians ideas, they are fun in my opinion. To be honest i dont understand why people dont like him..

    ALso i dont say why the always talk about Karpovs famous exchange sacrifices, maybe i just got lucky and watched all petrosians games were he sacced the exchange but to me its seems that Petrosian was the king of exchange sacrifices.

  • 14 months ago · Quote · #213


    I was a bit dissapointed by Stein. YOu know the title of his book master of risk strategy, this sounded so appealing. Because i like risk strategy in other aspects away from chess as well.

    But to be honest when i watched Romans videos about Stein i was a bit dissapointed, i hoped Stein style would have been a bit more flashy.

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