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  • 8 years ago · Quote · #1


    Can I ask how many of new mmbers who have joined in , say, the last 7 or 14 days, have still NOT played any games of Chess?

    Or still, how many members in total, do not engage in playing games?

    It seems to me, that there are those out there, who just want to get their names up 'in lights'

    I understand that there are exceptions, eg those who donate very good

    Articles/forums for the rest of us.



  • 8 years ago · Quote · #2


    RetGuvvie98 wrote:

    There are about (as of a minute ago) 118,624 members of this site, and approximately 14, 279 have played or are playing one (or more) game(s) of chess.



    That doesn't really answer the question does it? 


    And no, I have no idea what the answer is Wink

  • 8 years ago · Quote · #3


    I have a few educated guesses, but no concrete reason for the low ration of total members to members playing Chess.
  • 8 years ago · Quote · #4


    it seams to me that actually playing chess is the main focus of this site, but how could it be that the vast majority of members don't play? 118,624 members and only 14,279 are playing? where do these stats come from? what are these people doing exactly? all of the latest features and upcoming features are related to playing chess, but why if most people have not even played a game yet.
  • 8 years ago · Quote · #5


    Ok, let me ask another question.

    Of those 104,000, or so, that don't play chess, how many have 0 points?. eg don't contribute to forums, etc

    And as a reult of this answer, what effect does it have  on erik's server and equipment?. Is it over stressed, or running out of memory, going slow, etc


  • 8 years ago · Quote · #6


    As long as I get four or five games going, I'm not really interested in how many million members there are, as long as they're amiable and enjoy the games. 
  • 8 years ago · Quote · #7


    so no one has a good answer why the mass majority of people here don't play any games. according to the stats given 14,279 play chess on this site and 104,345 do not play chess on this site.



    at that link it lists 14,622 players, but if you count how many it shows on the first page(50) then multiply it by the amount of pages there are(750) you get 39750. on the last page there are only 13 people so 39,713. all of these have at least 1 game. so the stats are not correct some how. it probably does not count them until they have a number of games played. a lot of them played one game 2 months ago and never played again.

  • 8 years ago · Quote · #8


    excalibur8 wrote: As long as I get four or five games going, I'm not really interested in how many million members there are, as long as they're amiable and enjoy the games. 

    i agree

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #9


    a question as to how or why new members may not have played games could be that it too darn difficult to work out how to actually play a game? first u have to go to online chess and then create the game and hang around waiting for someone to accept which of course again is quite difficult to work out how to see any open challenges that have been made?!

    This site, fantastic as it may be, isn't very user friendly for players that first join the site.

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