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Who had the best opening, middle game and endgame ever?

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    In terms of middlegame tactics it is probably Nezhmetdinov 1st with Tal a close 2nd.(In my opinion anyway)

    For endgames 1st Flohr 2nd Rubinstein/Kramnik 3rd Botvinnik

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    Before raising Nezhmetdinov above world champions, take a look at the games he lost. Nezhmetdinov played some spectacular games, but his constant search for brilliant sacrifices meant that he also lost some games in shockingly one-sided blow outs.

    Morozevich and ivanchuk play in a similar style to Nezhmetdinov but both play better middle games.

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    Nezhmetdinov isn't anywhere near Tal.

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    Perhaps the closest we currently have to Nezhmetdinov today is Timur Gareev. Gareev is capable of playing incredibly beautiful and incredibly naive games. 

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