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Who is better Kasparov or Anand?

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    SmyslovFan wrote:
    Ferric wrote:

    In Championships Anand has been more accurate that any other Champion as wins go.

    Yes, I saw the chessbase article. It's a fascinating read. The difference between Anand and Kramnik (#2) and Kasparov (top ten, but considerably lower) in "accuracy" may be deceiving. When Kasparov and Anand played in 1995, his "accuracy" was the second highest in history. Anand tried to simplify things against Kasparov in that match, but Kasparov proved better there too. 

    Still, Anand plays pretty sharp chess and keeps his accuracy high! Only Kramnik matched him in that department as world champion. 



    I tend to think the computer analysis of these very strong computers is about our best estimate of strength.  Players are extremely biased and often tend to pick people they played against and beat.  


    A computer is objective and very strong at chess.  I am not sure why they have the computer analysis for a set number of plie though.  I would think it would be better if they did a set amount of time per move instead.  

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    I don't think those engine studies say all that much. If Grischuk really played so much better than Aronian, Kramnik and Svidler in the latest Candidates, why did he finish far behind them? All engine analysis I've seen agree that Karpov played better than Kasparov in their title matches, still the latter did after all score the better results and that should count for something :-)

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    My 4 parameters for deciding the better:

    1. Continous reign of the champion- Anand 7 yrs, Kasparov 8 yrs
    2. Champion in various formats- Anand- Tournament, Match, Knockout and Rapid, Kasparov- Match
    3. Highest ever rating- Anand 2817, Kasparov 2851
    4. Career Longetivity- Anand GM in 1988 still playing, Kasparov GM in 1980 retired in 2005

    But the thing that tilts the scale in Anand's favour is "He has played the game in the era of computers which can beat the top human players and therefore the qualtiy of competivie chess played by him throughout his career, both by him and his opponents is much superior than ever before".

    And finally- because I am ANAND'S fan. Laughing

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    Kasparov, obviously.

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