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Who is your favorite Grandmaster??

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    GM So.

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    lasker above all...living and active though: Ivanchuck

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    Efim Geller from odessa! The "Giant Killer" of GM chess during cold war era.

    He was the best of the non-world champs and Fischer's nemesis (see Cuaraco, 1962).

    Geller was a legend, a tactician, a novelty generator, and an all-around great who was always a challenge to play when on his A-game.

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    Max Euwe, paul morphy , alekhine

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    Judit Polgar and Luke Mcshane internationally, Gata Kamsky and Sam Shankland nationally.

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    Alive: Anand, Carlsen, Aronian, Nakamura, Alexandra Kosteniuk , Kosintseva Sisters, Polgar sisters, Humpy, Navara, Kasparov, Karpov

    Dead: Fischer, Nezhmetdinov, Capablanca, Tal, Lasker

    My all time favourite...Toss between Fischer and Kasparov!!

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    Gorbe13 wrote:
    madhacker wrote:

    Historical - Tal, present day - Morozevich

    How about favourite IM? That'd be interesting

    Plus Nezhmetdinovs Brilliancy awards he won in his lifetime was amazing. In a documentary I watched on Nezhmetdinov, they say he never gained a GM title because he was Muslim. Anyhow I viewed a game between Nezhmetdinov and Tal and even Tal says that he was honoured to have lost to such beautiful play. This game won a brilliancy award. Botvinnik described him as "The Grandmaster of Brilliancy". Give the guy what he deseves! Give him an honorary GM title. I'm sure he earned it faithfully championing for Mother Russia against the world.

    Rashid Nezhmetdinov never gained the GM title, he was "just" an IM. Very exciting attacking style like Tal and Moro so he could be your favourite IM 

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    Elona wrote:
    I have become very fond with Polgar Judit. I find his games very intense.

    You mean you find her games very intense. Sister to GM Susan Polgar.

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    Dead:Petrosian,La Bourdonnais,Rossolimo

    Alive:Anand,Kasparov and Grischuk

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    NKT73 wrote:

    If Natalia Pogonina was single and my age, I would marry her in an instance.  Unfortunately, I am a bit older, over-weight, not that attractive...  blah blah blah blah and blah hehe.  Did I mention that I am poor??hehe 


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