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Why are chess players so rude?

  • 19 months ago · Quote · #61


    clms_chess wrote:
    Time4Tea wrote:

    Because people don't treat each other like human beings on the internet.  You're just another faceless computer opponent.

    I dont look at my online chess opponents as just "faceless computer people"... because I know that behind the computer is a person... another human being. So... I treat them with as much dignity and respect as if they were sitting across from in an OTB tournament. :)

    Oh, clms. You are so sweet, I'll feel bad if I beat you now so I might let you win our game. Smile

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    No wonderrrrrrr...lol

  • 16 months ago · Quote · #63


    u mean a**holes, not people, they just like being acquiescent showing their own mediocrity , nothing more nothing less

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