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Problem starting 960 game

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    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask this question, so if it isn't I apologize.

    I am having difficulty starting my first chess 960 game (I have played standard online chess before). When I try to create a new game, I get the following error message:  

    • Oops?! We noticed the following errors in your form:

    • Your rating range must include your own rating. Try lowering your minimum rating or increasing your maximum rating.

    There doesn't seem to be an option to set the rating range, so I don't know how to resolve the problem. Can anyone offer some assistance?
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    Thanks for the informative reply! But doesn't that only work to start a normal online chess game, not a 960 one?

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    Thanks again for the response. This is the screen I was asking about - I don't see where to adjust the "rating range" that is referred to in the error message I gave in my original question. Sorry if what I was asking was unclear, but I had already done the steps you suggested.

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    I'm having the same problem as stated above by fyroegef.  What is happening here??  Is this feature still very buggy???  Please help, i love to play chess 960!!!

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    Hello, administrators, please double check your program features, before incorporating this to the public.  It is very annoying!!!

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    I'm having this problem too: my Chess 960 rating is awful, and when trying to issue a seek it seems that the default min/max rating range uses my regular Online rating, and my Chess 960 rating is below that.

    I can still accept other people's seeks, and join 960 matches, but this is a bug for Chess 960: we need the min/max rating boxes when all options are shown for 'start new game'.

    For non-Chess 960, it's probably not a bug, but still desirable, e.g. if I want to play white or black or unrated or some mixture and not use the default rating range.

    (I tried to open a support issue for this, but something appeared to go wonky with that too; might be my browser settings there so let's not worry about that now.)

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