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Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    motherinlaw wrote:

    But doesn't "Correspondence Chess" sound a bit "formal" and "old-fashioned?"  So how about this?  -- 

    "Really Modern, Totally Cool, Space Age Chess!!"   (Catchy, huh?)

    I like it, it's very 1955ish, like hanging out at the Eden Roc on Miami Beach with Desi and Lucy Arnaz.  

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    Why not just call it Online Chess? End of.

  • 4 days ago · Quote · #1603


    Because every single type of chess offered by chess.com could be referred to as online chess.  It's ambiguous.  End of.

  • 3 days ago · Quote · #1604


    Nimoy Chess in honor of Lenoard.

  • 3 days ago · Quote · #1605


    I would have no problem calling it Nimoy Chess. Though, 3D chess might be more fittingly called Nimoy chess.

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