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Move played in vote chess when moves are tied

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    I was under the impression that when there are multiple moves on the same percentage in a vote chess game then the first move that was voted for will be chosen.

    It now seems that it is the last move voted for which gets picked e.g.


    As you can see from the posts the moves after 5 votes were :

    Current Votes

    • 9.h3 (20%)
    • 9.Bb3 (20%)
    • 9.Qb3 (20%)
    • 9.Ba3 (20%)
    • 9.b5 (20%)
    5 votes cast.

    After 6 votes:

    Votes for move 9

    • 9...Bd5 (17%)
    • 9...h3 (17%)
    • 9...Bb3 (17%)
    • 9...Qb3 (17%)
    • 9...Ba3 (17%)
    • 9...b5 (17%)
    6 votes cast.
    As you can see the 6th vote was for Bd5, and this was the move that was played!
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    This just about makes a mockery of the Vote Chess game rules. I can't see why it should be the first move voted for or the last either that takes precedence in the event of a tie. Can the team concerned not have a captain, or small committee that can decide on one of the tied moves? Who do we talk to, to bring this up?

    Another thing I'm slightly concerned with is somebody(or more) that votes for the absolute worst move possible. I don't know if you noticed on the Britain vs Cheers Cafe game last move when it's either PxRc3 or QxRc3 that obviously have to be played( or we are 5 points down), someone  voted for g4????. Surely it's a wind up. No-one could honestly be that silly could they.

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    I have the belief that there are 'jokers' in the vote chess [hopefully not deliberate sabotage!]. In one game after 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 the move played was 5.Bd3 (??) when after Nxd4 White resigns.  White's 5th move apparently was selected by a player graded over 2000  ...

    In another game when winning the opponents Queen & game - someone voted to resign!

    No idea what can be done about this ....

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    Incidentally how do you know it was a player rated over 2000? There is no way to find out who voted what is there?

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    because you can see who are in the team ... and the group "The Premier of Chess" are for players rated 2000+ !!

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