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    davidknight wrote:

    OK new look, what about chess TV for non premium members to review old shows, and could you improve the quality of chess TV with more professional looking sets and anchor people , like they do at the tournaments.  How about new features on the Ipod aps too..


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    The biggest thing that is noticeable with the new changes is a decrease of support for a player's focus.

    What I mean is that a lot is now "at one's fingertips", a-la Facebook (the site mirrors Facebook in a lot of respects, which I presume is intentional from perspetives like usability, business development, etc.).

    The issue here is that while Facebook and other social networking sites are about... well, social networking, gossiping, etc. -- chess is fundamentally about none of those.  Chess is a game of focus, of a noble competition between intellects, of the ability to imagine (and perhaps share) ideas, etc.  That suggests a need for cleaner experience, to support this focus; what I see now instead is a more cluttered experience, especially on the Home Page.  Luckily, I can escape the Home Page fast, which is what I now typically do...

    The game pages have retained their clean and focused look-and-feel, and this is great! 


    After the general feedback above, here's some specific feedback on things that seem odd and can be easily fixed:

    - In the Game Exporer, the fields for "FEN" and "Link to Page" seem unnecessarily narrow, and obstruct the ability to actually see what's there. If the intent is to add in more graphical elements and hence the rest of the space is reserved, though not yet visible to us, then that may be fine.

    - Again in the Game Explorer, the sequence of moves used to be above the present move options, which made it easy and natural to go back between one and the other.  Now, with the sequence of moves below the chess board, one  has to constantly move back and forth (both eyes and mouse) left down then right up, in order to coordinate an exploration of options -- which is the core point of Game *Explorer* (also indicated in its name).  So, from a usability perspective, that change seems counterintuitive and one that would benefit from reversing.

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    Hello Erik

    Only things I'd like is the font a little larger and blacker instead of grayish on the text.

    On the box where we enter the comments the text looks large but it comes out smaller.

    Light green, light grey, light blue colors for the text is not so good on the bluish background that you have on the pages.

    As for Bat Girl: Tables weren't really supposed to be used like many people ended up using them to design web pages.

    With the new coding they are history in the future. There are better methods usin CSS.

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    hitting enter in chat box in online chess submits text but takes me out of chat box and I have to click the box again to continue typing 

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    wow! When I tested the Beta version I was miffed, but a lot of the fixes have made the new site user friendly.  One thing that I agree with others who have posted:  I like being able to see my opponents stats, also, when I'm playing games I don't like having to go back to the game list to get to the next game -- please put the "next game" button back on the active game

    Cool feature -- being able to toggle between seeing current games in board or list form. 

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    I really don't like the look of these buttons.  The red is too muted, and the orange is just horrible.  These colors scream of old 1970s kitchen appliances.  Gack.

    Something more like this makes my eyes much, much happier:


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    LaskerFan wrote:

    I have to click TWICE in any comment  box to start entering text - clicking once (just makes the "message" Please be relevant, helpful and nice! disappear) does not allow me to start entering

    seem to be working just fine, only one click. 

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    When I copy and paste the game explorer stats in vote chess comments, everything looks like crap.

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    well every issue I had been fix thanks for listening Cool

    I made a comment about can't "paste" when posting in comment box.

    It doesn't work on foxfire browser, but it does work in explorer browser?

    ie, when posting votes in Vote Chess


    ie,paste previous comment & image from someone elses post


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    Erik. Don't you think the poster should tell you which BROWSER they are using?

    It would help your webmaster.

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    magnifying glass symbol on search boxes would be nice. maybe I'm retarded but it took me a while to figure out what they were

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    I LOVE the tactics trainer -- it has helped me become a better player for sure.  It is responsive, BUT, I have to spend time looking for the "TRY AGAIN" and "SHOW SOLUTION" commands -- my bifocals are having a hard time finding them on the page.

    I like the comments availability that has been added to the tactics trainer.

    Another thing -- I think the new design is great, but I agree with some others who have posted here that I spend more time clicking around the site trying to find what I want.  I like having multiple links and back buttons.   For example, if I am on the tournaments page, sign up or look at a tournament, I don't have the option of going back to the list.  Or, from the tournaments page, I'd like to see links to online and live chess.

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    I'd like to add that my specific complaint about the Delete and Submit buttons in that one context should be understood to apply sitewide.  I'm not thrilled with the red, but the orange makes my eyes hurt.

    Another place it occurs is the progress bar in Chess Mentor.  Gack.  Not only is this the same dreadful orange, the text is black.  I really don't like this at all.

    I don't much like the new red and green in Chess Mentor either, or the fact that "Correct Alternate Move" is gray now, but I'm likely to get used to those things.  The orange, never.  Wow, that's horrible!

    I messed around, and settled on this as a suggested replacement color.  It's hard to know quite what to do with this--I think the original progress bar was green, but there wasn't a big green "Your move" button above it before--but I'm liking the blue well enough.  It's an improvement, if not perfection.  (I had to recreate the text to change the color.  Ignore the font difference.  I didn't bother to match it precisely.)

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    LaskerFan wrote:

    I have to click TWICE in any comment  box to start entering text


    Same thing here with Firefox on Linux.

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    I actually really like the new design. The problem is that ever since it changed the site is running very slow on my computer (not the x2 speed that has been advertised). I've experience several disconnections which has lead to me losing games as "abandoned" and losing rating points which is, needless to say, frustrating. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I know it's not my connection because other websites are loading normally. Love the rest of the new site though.

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    Chess Mentor used to fit into the window such that the entire cheater box at the bottom was visible on one screen.  The new layout is taller, and about half the cheater box is cut off, so if I get stuck, I have to scroll.

    Screen size is a fickle thing, and the way it used to fit on my screen might have been a happy coincidence, but I still miss that.  I have 832 vertical pixels available, FYI.

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    By nature, we are reluctant to accept any change in our daily lives including this site!

    But the only constant thing is change. So, relax friends, you'll get used to the new look.

    @ erik,

    Thank you for a new look and wishing you and your people all the best.Smile

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    In both Tactics Trainer and Chess Mentor, the respective home pages show a progress graph.  These graphs used to default to showing 90 days of progress, I think.  Now they don't default to anything, and they display nothing upon first loading the page.

    Once you set them to something, the graphs work, but they do not display any indication of what setting is in effect, so I have no idea what range of days I'm looking at.  Some highlight or something is missing there.  I can't quite remember what it was, but it used to be obvious what setting was in effect.

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