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New Site Design Feedback

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    BorgQueen wrote:

    If the site is detecting an older browser, the message should be prominent imo.  

    Clearly, something is amiss somewhere if the site is telling you to stop using an older browser and recommending IE9, and you are already using IE9!

    Mind you, I'd be using Chrome or Firefox rather than that silly IE thing :-P  

    You see, Brad, thats exactly the point, i.e. we shouldnt be forced to dig so deep into all this technical stuff only to get our new interface (which was doing just fine before) in order...

    I couldnt care less about the comparative advantages of one browser vis a vis another... I just want to press the green button and play chess... All this technical things are means to an end... And if it gets to the point that, instead of us being able to pursue our end, we waste our days over the means, something is badly amiss here...

    The Machine should be the extension of the Hand, not the other way around!...

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    I think I found another bug: I have lots of notes in an online chess game, and I've put some lines there so I won't forget them. The notes section has a bar on the right hand side and I scroll it down to see my latest line. But when I start playing the moves of my line on the analysis board, for some reason the bar jumps to the middle, and I must scroll back down again to see what I had written next. This is a very random bug, but it happens repeatedly with me, and it is very annoying, since I can play only one move at a time.

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    RoffleMyWafflez, the same thing annoys me - except that I don't have the movelist nor the details even at the bottom of the page! Thus I am also completely unable to flip the board.

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    I think chess.com have broken all boundaries on each and every level. Absolutely astonishing really. Just wish I was privy to see the flood gates open and the wealth of new members opening paid memberships and current members upgrading. 

    Now that would be exciting! They wouldn't have done it if not expectations of at least doubling their turnover within the first 4 weeks. Well done guys. I lovvveeeeeeeee it : )))

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    Just discovered another benefit of updated site. I now know if it is my move in one of my turn-based games while I'm working the Tactics Trainer. Might have been there before but, if so, wasn't obvious to me.

    Thanks again for a better product.

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    This is not a suggestion to change/improve anything, but it's feedback all the same: I'm so used to the old design that I always press 'x' from the upright corner of the window after tactics trainer. It's not in a new window anymore, so I have a hard time trying to remember not to close it anymore, but I hope I get accustomed to it. Smile

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    @erik. Are you working on iPhone - safari design? Can you give us a termin for that, so i can find some temporary solutions.

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    so many posts to read through, so dont know if this had been said before. Icons are too small (play learn share forums more) cannot see any information in the tournament box, unless i mouseover. This was ok on the first update, seem to have lost the functionality during another update. Same in Chrom and IE. I like the new layout apart from the previous mentioned comments.

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    RoffleMyWafflez wrote:

    No one cares who your friends are.

    My friends apparently did.  Every one of them who has been online since the new site rolled out has dropped me from their friend list.  I guess being friends with me was too embarrassing of a public humiliation to suffer.

    I usually only have that effect on women.  Hrm.  Oh well.

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    I like the new Site Design, The new Interface is friendly to use ( on PC )

    Good job, Thanks !

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    Has anybody looked at fixing the way the site displays on apple products?  The pinch function (to resize items on the screen)  doesn't work on my iPhone, so diagrams, games, etc. don't fit on my screen.  I usually browse the blogs and articles from my phone or iPad.  Not much fun at present.

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    A comment was made that 1 day was too soon to cancel as owners listen to feedback. I've been here long enough to know is utter BS

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    Probably been mentioned already but there are too many pages on this thread to go through.

    The new Online Chess section needs to remember whether you select Grid View or Table View. I don't like the grid view and want it to stay as a table but I have to change it every time I log on. Would be nice if it just remembered my preferences.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #316


    The new format is not as "smartphone" friendly as the old format, IMO....I have more memory problems than ever before. On my smartphone the last thing I need is to be seeing every board from every game I have in progress....that is just so unnecessary. The rest of the changes are no big deal. 

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    Please change the position of "Delete" button in group notes, to the same line as time-stamp.

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    People use IE??

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #319


    I don't really like this new version.

    Why don't you guys consider adding a "Switch to old look" button, for those who don't really like the new look?

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    I was offered the new page and went back to the old, probably because I am a senior member of chess.com.  But now that it has been thrust upon me I actually prefer it to the old way!!!

    I only have one complaint.

    The complaint is that when you look at the statistics it is impossible (at least on my computor) to actually see the ratings when scanning along the 'Chess Stats' bar graph!!

    Keep up the good work, Chess.com is still the number one site, thanks guys!!

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