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New Site Design Feedback

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #861


    Quite recently DG last 48hrs or so ?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #862


    I don't like the new site format.  After over a month, I still feel like I'm entering a domain with unfamiliar landmarks.  Government mantra: "if it ain't broke, keep fixing it until it is broke".

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #863


    once again my question is overlooked.

    i've had enough

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #864


    there is no dead line or target time or whatsoever in this website.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #865


    gambit-man wrote:
    DeepGreene wrote:

    We are definitely behind where we wanted to be by now, as regards the mobile browser experience - but we know it needs to be better and we're working on it.


    Is there a target time scale? A week? A month? A year?

    i have been pressuring our mobile developer daily to get things fixed. i am hoping to get some key mobile issues fixed within the week. 

    what are the mobile issues that are most pressing for you?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #866


    it's not mobile issues i'm concerned about, it's layout issues, functionality issues. it's a month a a half now since the changes were made, and so far as i can see (although i now use the site much less) things are all still in the wrong place, don't work or just aren't there at all.

    i asked for a time scale, that was all

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #867


    too lazy to navigate your way through the chess.com I suppose ?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #868


    gutartas wrote:

    Vote chess Team comments has disappeared, as told above, and Arkive moves comments too

    they are aware of this and they are working on it.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #869


    kco wrote:

    too lazy to navigate your way through the chess.com I suppose ?

    nothing to do with laziness. the layout was messed up, the site is now no easier to navigate than any new site i might choose to use instead. But then i've been thinking for a while now that playing here has adversely affected my OTB game, so maybe it's time to quit internet chess altogether

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #870


    excatly what are you having trouble with ?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #871


    DeepGreene wrote:
     Specifically what data is harder to access than before? In what way is it more difficult to discover a player's rating than previously?

    This is not mobile, but behind a normal PC:

    - seeing a players detailed stats (including draw %, average opponent level etc, which can be more interesting than pure rating) used to be a simple two-click operation, now I can't find it at all anymore.

    - despite some people saying otherwise, links to mail.chess.com are not to be found (if its a browser issue, I have it with both IE and chrome)

    - vote chess leaderboard? Cannot be located.

    - tournaments you joined but were eliminated from? Not showing under my tournaments anymore, untill they finished - which can take years.

    Just to name the ones that I needed in the past 48 hours...

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #872


    got the latest IE and Chrome ?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #873



    I wish people would stop with that line. The site needs to work, also with with non-favored browsers and somewhat older versions. Not everyone has control over which browser their IT department installs. A self-respecting website just needs to work with any browser. Period.

    And yes, AFAIK on my home PC, both are up-to-date.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #874


    fyi chess.com no longer working on older brower as erik point it out earlier.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #875


    kco wrote:

    fyi chess.com no longer working on older brower as erik point it out earlier.

    And I'll keep nagging about it till my subscription runs out or they fix it (in which case I might renew), whatever comes first. 

    BTW, the fact that I have the exact same thing on chrome suggest it isnt even a browser issue tbh.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #876


    nag on.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #877


    kco wrote:

    excatly what are you having trouble with ?

    i've been banging on about my troubles since the changeover was made, you don't seroiusly expect me to go over them all again do you?

    and if i have a question for a staff member in these help forums, it often goes unanswered, or the answer given is so bad they might as well not bothered.

    as for your suggestion that it's laziness that i can't navigate my way around the site - some people have difficulties adapting to such changes, some can't get round them at all. some people just aren't very good at navigating, that's the difference between a good site and a bad site, its ease of use. right now chess.com is anything but easy to use.

    and in any case, why should i feel my way around the site to find all the things that don't work? they're only going to be changed again once they figure out to make everything work again.

    i stand by my original point, they should change things back to the old format until they fix the new format. it just isn't working

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #878


    But since that isn't going to happen, you might as well help them by pointing out where you find things wrong.

    I don't have any problems with the site at all.  It all seems to work for me... at least the bits I use!

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #879


  • 3 years ago · Quote · #880


    i'm sorry to hear it isn't working for some people. unfortunately, we can't please everyone. fortunately, since the redesign we've had more people signup, more people playing, more people upgrading, and people spending more time on the site. 

    i know that is frustrating and not a satisfying answer for some people. i'm sorry. 

    we are happy to continue addressing any specific remaining issues, bugs, and suggestions. 

    thank you!

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