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    erik wrote:

    Today was a wild day. The biggest change to we've had in 5 years. You can read more about my thoughts here:

    Anyway, all day we've been reading feedback, answering questions, and working with our members on bugs. You have been VERY helpful - thank you!!

    It's really hard to get everything perfect the first time through when you have hundreds of pages, so we appreciate your patience and reports. 

    We've tried to address as many of the SPECIFIC comments we have heard about the new design, including:

    - messed up themes (mostly fixed)
    - return games to middle of Home (done)
    - return "My Games Against" history (done)
    - broken text/comment editor (fixed)
    - wrong number of new messages (fixed)
    - messed up My Vote Chess link (fixed)
    - added in showing all group admins (done)
    - link to Daily Puzzle in nav (done)
    - major performance improvements (done)
    - ...a dozen more things I can't remember

    I know that some people still aren't happy with the new design, and I respect that. I understand it. It's fair to not want the site to change. But I do want to let you know that we are 100% committed to moving FORWARD with this design. We will not be going back to the old design. And we will not be adding an option to use it. It's not even technically feasible at this point.

    So, I hope that for those of you who still have some specific suggestions on what you would like fixed and improved, PLEASE LET US KNOW! But again, I urge you to take any energy and time you are spending on wishing the site would go back to the old design, and now focus that energy on making positive contributions of how we can improve things from here moving forward. If you don't like where a button is, let us know! If you don't like a color, let us know! If you don't like where something is, let us know! If you don't like that something is in a different place, let us know! That is all helpful.

    But what is not helpful is just saying "the old one was better" or "i hate this" or "i can't find anything". Those are not specific things and don't help us improve things. So again, I urge you to try to accept that we are where we are and that we are moving forward.   

    Please know that as the co-founder and "dad" of, nobody loves and cares about this site as much as I do (well, maybe Kohai...). But I think about every waking moment and I'm trying my best to improve it every day.

    I look forward to improving the site in every way possible and appreciate your support in making it happen!



    is there  guide page that is labeled for each item we are able to design? I have figured out some of them, but I make a change and then say it and go back to the main page and check it out...over and over again. Anyone knows a easy way to make the changes instead of trial and error.

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