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    It's been a while since I played Live Chess as "Connection Interrupted. Reconnecting" spoiled all the fun playing 3-minute games. What I did not appreciate was it took a long time for a "reconnect".  And what was really aggravating is that the time lapse between disconnect and reconnect was subtracted from my time and added to my opponent's.  When several of this disconnects took place, I either lose on time a game I am winning or that the timer made me make moves so hastily thought of.


    Today, for the first time in a long time, I played 3-minute blitz. Yes there there still was "Connection Interrupted" except now the time lapse between disconnect and connect was almost nil.  I hope that it stays that way.  For I was already thiking of going back to become a non-paying member when my membership expires.  For I was not anymore enjoying paying 3-minute blitz.

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    Still waiting for "my games" on Explorer...


    *this will be on my gravestone

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    Still waiting too... aargh ! Apparently system is set-up now but Is going to take time for '' migration of data '' from the old-database to the new one.

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    And the reason that will take so long is that it will include data we do not want - i.e. pissing-about-quick-chess.

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    CBA wrote:

    And the reason that will take so long is that it will include data we do not want - i.e. pissing-about-quick-chess.

    yeah I don't want that stuff on my grave too.

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    Hey. I like the new design a lot, and the site in general is fantastic.

    One feature that I'd like to see at some point is an "auto-decline rematch" account setting. Like, when someone challenges you to a rematch, a message comes up. It could be something polite, like "Thank you for what I'm sure was a good game, but this user doesn't accept rematches. Still, thanks for your consideration, and have a good day."

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    Here You are, Nick :

    Database: Master GamesMy Chess GamesOther Players Games   Online & LiveOnline ChessLive Chess 
     as White
     as Black

    White Wins
    Black Wins
    1.e4 672
    74%   16.8%
    1.d4 81
    75.3% 14.8%  
    1.c4 20
    80%   20%
    1.Nf3 10
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    You mean it's working...?

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    Not properly, but via opponent´s Profile Page some players are Exploreable.

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    For some. I still have zilch as do you LA.

    Another thing noticed is that '' member-flags '' have vanished from some areas of the site ?     (for example team-member lists in VC)

    Although these are user/changeable they are informative in lists & see no reason to remove them ??  (just adds further navigation-difficulty)

    Yet another bug have noticed is whilst editing comments (group-forums) with mixed written/visual content the pages begin flipping around all over the place instead of staying where you are.

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  • 3 years ago · Quote · #832


    not working for you because you don't belong in there ! ?

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #833


    kco wrote:

    not working for you because you don't belong in there ! ?

    Posssibly... Needing to simplify chess-activity :)

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    First and foremost - thanks for this great website!  I mostly play on my iPhone and that app works really well.  The latest version is really good, I don't have any problems with it.

    As for the website itself, I didn't really use it a ton anyway other than to surf the forums.  The one thing I am noticing since the update is that it seems wicked slow to load.  I hate the pop-up ads in the lower left corner that cover what I'm trying to read.

    Another disappointment was the abandoning of the classified section.  It was always hard to find before and now it appears to be gone altogether.  This is very sad.  Part of the great community aspect of every website forum I visit is the ability for it's members to buy, sell, and trade with each other.  This should be a rock-solid option right on the Forum page, in my opinion.

    But it's a great site regardless and I'm thinking of becoming a premium member.  But the loading speed times need to get better, not worse.

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    analysis board glitch---


    when in illegal move mode if white knight on f1, white not castled and the white light bishop gone; if u castle w kg1, and undo it the f1 knight is a rook

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    On the accounts privacy page, the option where you can choose not to allow tournament invites doesn't seem to be working. I've had three invites in the last week!

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    Still seeing bugs in Vote-chess games. For instance in one game just started there is no '' Team-Comments ' button at all !

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    Repeating myself in this thread, as it seems active:

    While some of the bugs are getting fixed, I'd like to remind chess.com staff that old IE versions still perform horribly - and my IT department will not allow installation of another browser (so don't give me the swithc-to-chrome crap. IE is still the most used browser; and any self respecting site should work with all of the top 5 browsers).


    - the overview of tournaments doesn't seem to include a list of tourney's that you were eliminated from but that are still on-going (used to be very handy to check progress of people that beat you)

    - It's hard, if not impossible to see the percentage of win/loose/draws of people; premium members cannot see detailed stats for other players anymore? That would be a pity, one of the things I'd like doing here (presuming I renew) would be to start a group based on studying draws. But an essential piece of info would be to see if prospective members would actually have some games to contribute... Also, IMO a high draw percentage also indicates some skill (to convert lost games into a draw by perpetual or repition, for example), in the 1600 to 1900 range perhaps even more so than the rating itself.

    - an easy link to the chess.com email () is still absent. (Isee the previous thread I made on this list the topic as resolved, but it is NOT. In IE nor Chrome this link is showing under the home menu.

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    There's more bugs here than in "starship troopers!"

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