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Paid Online Coach Wanted

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    I am looking for a 2000+ blitz/bullet coach to play me online and move me from the low 1600s to the 1850-1950 range.  I don't have a lot of money, but some.  Can you take PayPal?

    |It's ok to message me for my email address 

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    I am interested.

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    you're not 1600

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    For blitz/bullet, you're 1350/1288 at present (nothing like 1600, playing a 2000 player is overkill, a 1600-1800 player would amply suffice).  My suggestions, just do this for free and (as mentioned) PRACTICE:

    a) for bullet, target 2/1 games and seek opponents at least 100 points stronger but not more than 300 points stronger. 

    b) for blitz, I think 3/0's too brisk for you and suggest you go for 10/0 just now and after a few months, see if you're managing 5/0 without a major drop in rating.  Same seek suggestion:  play opponents 100-300 points stronger but not more.

    That you're 1660 just now for correspondence style games suggests you do have the potential to do much better at bullet/blitz.  Switching from correspondence to bullet/blitz games is very difficult for many players.  Maybe you'll be able to adapt, maybe not.


    ps.  For bullet, in your settings enable your auto-Queen, consider enabling 'pre-move' (but reverse that if it's too distracting).

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    the best teacher is the experience's

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