The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    ChristianSoldier007 wrote:

    now, the Chicago open starts today. anyone know the times?

    I'm not sure, I'm playing in the 4 day event that starts Friday at around 6 or 7. I don't know the 5 day schedule though.

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    What rating group is he playing in? I'm playing in the U1500 even though my current rating is about 1550 USCF (the supplement system works wonders with a two month lag.)

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    Cool, I'll check to see how he does. 

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    great stuff today from Boris, he looked very confident in the after game chat as well, sparky Wink

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    I don't really have the slightest idea how you guys are viewing the game; can someone post a link?

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    Oh BTW 1200!

    1200 equivalent to unrated in!

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    C'mon Boris fine show so far! You can win this thing !! Smile

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    I disagree "netzach", Borish...ah..Boris cannot "win this thing"Sealed.

    ...only kidding of course...actually a lot of chess bloggers are refering to him as "Gandalf"...I guess a jab at his age...or maybe, moreso how old he looks...

    The truth is Gelfand has proven most people wrong by being as competitive in these games. Most (this writer included) saw him as a soft win for Anand...that he would have been trampled upon, and beaten as a drum. Not so indeed. If anything, he has been in the better position for most of the Match.

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    Yes Anand has been somewhat deflated & not at his best in this championship so is hard to call now... Smile

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    Gelfand cannot win this, as they can only draw Laughing.

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    Course he can win ! He has more letters in his name !! Smile

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    jesterville a rest day tomorrow, and then Gelfand gets his last touch of whites in the "classical format"...I certainly believe that from what we have seen of him so far, that he will try to spring a surprise for Anand. I expect another new opening for this Match.

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    One thing I would say about Anand. He may not have lived up to the billing in this Match by any stretch of the imagination...but he has proven, that when it comes to his defensive ability, he is just as strong as ever. I would expect him to at least hold tomorrow...and give himself the opportunity to win it on the last day with the white 16s...just as he did against Topalov 2 years prior. Now that would be sesational.

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    I would like to see the match won outright (by Vishy), and not go to tiebreakers.

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    That would be my desire as well "loved"...but I suspect that we are going to the dreaded Rapids/Blitz...penalty kicks as it were...dive the wrong way, and it's goal, goal, goal, goal...

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    Hi everyone, just read this storey from one of our friends here at He is "Nongxha" from India. He is 12 years old now, but when these events took place he was only 6. Hope it moves you, as it did me-

    When NIIT of Nagaland (state of India) organised chess tourney for all U-15 students i stepped in the age of 6 years and was studying in class two. It was a very special tourney as it was to feliciate the visit of the strongest player of India sir Viswanathan Anand. Very later the news reached my ears through local t.v. Channel. I urged my parents to take me to it but my parent didn't like the Nagaland state as its the greatest rival of Manipur state, finally my tears and hunger strike were answered and i was allowed to go under the guidance of my cousin bro. At that time i had only one small passport size photo of sir viswanathan anand which i took it off from a Newspaper. I was covering a distance of 315 km just with one thought, How would Anand look in real, will he talk with me?.. My happiness was in its fullest. Finally reached my destination.. I came to know that i was the youngest participant among 63.. I had no idea about the system of the tourney,it was swiss league. Only thing i knew about chess was that i enjoy it.. I learned fools mate,my fav. Than scholars mate. Thats all and some principles. I never tried to learn any opening lines,variations,concepts as i knew i was too young for it as i am not a prodigy. The tourney begin and i never accepted draw even when we are left with rook each and a pawn. A game went for 91 moves. Finally i had to pay for not accepting the draw offering. I was placed in 7 position finally but i had nothing to do with the tourney, it was just a way to meet my superstar. The man i dream. Dad often use to tell me that viswanathan anand sir knows upto to endgame consequences when you play the very 1st move.. I only just imagine and wonder. I missed the chance to play with him as the winner take it off. It was the time for sir to deliver speech, he motivated us and i was just looking in his face and was trying to count his teeths. At last, time came when my turn was coming to shake hand with him.. My desire to touch him.. As soon as he reached me i took out the Bishop piece which i brought from home. I turned it and asked him for autograph in it, he smiled and gave me without hesitation and i gave him the letter which i wrote for him. I wonder if he has ever read or not. He would not understand anything except I LOVE YOU. We were given super lunch and a gift came for me. My cousin bro said that it was from sir Anand for the youngest player. I was shocked and full of excitement i opened it, i found a book,my first chess book with the title Chess for Beginners-A.Gopalaratnam.. And on the first page it was written 'with Love-your anand'.. I was complete.. I capture the moment for ever.. Now i am 12.. Whenever i think of all this.. I smile and get relax.. Thank you for your time.

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    He's 12??

    Who's this then??


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    It's a digit photo showing himself when he will be 25.

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