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Windows Phone App !!!

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    I believe this is the nth topic on this matter, but as I can see, the developers from Chess.com have all the time in the world to make updates for the iOS and Android app. Why not take your time and port the app to Windows Phone 8? I heard that with the lattest additions Microsoft added to the OS and the C/C++ capabilities of Windows Phone it has become easier to port apps. Just make it already ! People ( not as many as on iOS, but many ) are demanding this app and are closing paid accounts because they don't have it. I wish I could play live games on Chess.com when I'm away. Please make the app.

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    Yep, I closed my paid account for this very reason! I guess I'll be leaving Windows phone for Iphone this spring. Hoping they get a 4.8 inch model by then. Too bad, but chess is my niche and Apple covers it better on mobile than anyone else.

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    Agreed - chess.com on Windows Phone would be very welcome

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    Agreed, I used to have an iPhone, then I've got the windows phone not even suspecting that chess.com would have neglected developing an app, especially after seeing how frequent the iPhone updates have been. Its about time, guys!

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    Yes please.. WP8  app.  Thank you.

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    Download NPChess from windows phone marketplace, it's an unofficial chess.com app.

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    It's not that great... it only supports online chess, but no live chess.

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    npchess does not work any more

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    Are there just Apple lemmings amongst chess.com developers?

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    Add me to the list that wants a Windows Phone app.  I haven't paid for membership yet, because I can't fully enjoy chess.com without the app.  I've lost games for not having the app.  Not blaming the app for losing, but I was used to the reminders on my iPhone so I simply forgot it was my turn.

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    Please make a Windows phone app. I promise to pay for an account.

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    Nargaroth666 wrote:

    Please make a Windows phone app. I promise to pay for an account.

    nothing to add!

    It would be so nice to have a WP App...

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    second the thread request with all my heart

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    waiting for windows phone app

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