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10/8/2011 - Mate in 8

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    trebor44 wrote:

    why doesn't Rh4 in 4th give white a mate in one more move? 

     Because you are too lazy to look for the answer in the posts people have made before you.  Starting with the very first post!!!  Its not that hard.

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    This looks like a Josh Waitzkin game.

    By the way - I loved his book

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    Good_Day_Mate wrote:
    Jacob30 wrote:


    Will someone please get Jacob30 a girlfriend?  He has some serious problems.

    Unless you are the same person who said that before it has been said before by someone else. Interesting or something. I have Bipolar Schzoeffective insomnia asthma and restless leg syndrome and a couple of other things. Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated.

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    Chesster-Field wrote:
    Jacob30 wrote:

    I was first because I cheated. Yeah right at what. I don't know. You cheated anyway. Ahead of me. Because I won by a second and don't care about you turn my back to you in every site online etc etc

    Is this guy so schizophrenic that he is actually carrying on a conversation with himself . . . . . . ONLINE?????

    yes I'm diagnosed schophrenia

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    very good one

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    Got stuck on the fourth move.  I wanted to play 4.Rh4+. Quite the jump in the level of difficulty from yesterday's puzzle





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    got the first part just like that, then......had to have a look-see. Good one though.

    Wales went through, Ireland went home for those who care about such things...

    France made short work of England...what is this man on about...aint chess! Smile

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    Wow...this one was difficult for me..I had to  press help, some of the moves really freak me out!!!

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    Bxh2+ is a unnecessary and mistake move, focourse this makes the puzzle unneccesary too. 

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    something is odd, why does black check with on h2 if white the rook is hanging?

    i see the following fork from white , but white bishop will fall as well if he forks quen and king , that is two pieces loss from white. i may have overlooked something but please the person who the answer please let me know

    so the bishop check appears to be illogical except to make the problem work because white night takes black bishop which frees up the white bisop .

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    Why do people quote the OP of these threads for no apparent reason?

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    I wanted to do rookH4 but noooooooooooooooooooooo i couldn't

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    pretty long but really good:)

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    Hard to see it as a Mate in 8 position.

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