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10/8/2011 - Mate in 8

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    Wow... good to see all the 1100's not exclaiming how easy it was...  Really tough and good puzzle...

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    that was odd - i see a checkmate without the difficulties that are presented bythe game - of course there are always different solutions to every puzzle, but this seemed to take the long way home.

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    tricky one

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    hard for begginers like me, but just a curious,how many players here could see 8 moves before?

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    melodyzhang wrote:

    what de heck was this stuff all about? didnt understand a single thing at all! please will some kindly soul explain every single move in extreme detail? here are some points to consider when explaining:

    why the move was made & what advantages it gave white explain clearly in common, understandable English, not "chess" language type the ideas in neat lines and clear lines THANK-YOU FOR THIS FAVOR!

    P.S-  you don't have to if you dont want to. again, THANK-YOU FOR THIS FAVOR!!!

    The first move, capturing the pawn with the queen, breaks up the defensive bulwark in front of the king and forces Black to break cover by capturing the queen.  Next, the rook goes over and attacks the king again, and Black is forced to the edge.  (If he moves into the corner, he's mated by the bishop.)  The bishop then attacks the king again, forcing him further away from his reinforcements.  The next move is hard to see, but what it does is prevent Black's king from using the bishop as a shield against the rook's attack...being over-aggressive with the rook gives Black an opportunity to escape the trap.


    Black then tries some counter-play by checking white's king because if the king takes White's rook, the knight delivers mate.  White calmly recaptures with the knight so the bishop can guard the rook, and Black has nothing better to do than advance his pawn.  Finally, White unleashes a discovered check by moving the rook, which Black blocks by interposing the bishop (which his last move permitted him to do).  White continues the assault by capturing the bishop, forcing Black's king into a position where it cannot escape after White delivers the final blow with the other bishop.

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    it was ok

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    Chesster-Field wrote:
    Jacob30 wrote:
    Good_Day_Mate wrote:
    Jacob30 wrote:


    Will someone please get Jacob30 a girlfriend?  He has some serious problems.

    Unless you are the same person who said that before it has been said before by someone else. Interesting or something. I have Bipolar Schzoeffective insomnia asthma and restless leg syndrome and a couple of other things. Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated.

     Don't forget Morbid Obesity

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    bigryoung wrote:

    Jacob30 for player of the month


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    Wow, a non-check waiting move and still forced mate  Surprised

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    aphyer wrote:

    So...a few of the moves here seriously confuse me, especially 4.Bf6 which appears to allow Kxg4 (I see White can fork the queen afterwards, but it's hard to see how White can get a mate).  Can anyone who understands this better then me put together an analysis with other lines detailed?

    Nd4 mate.

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    Having ploughed through 8 pages of mostly inane comments, I still have not found anyone asking where this comes from.

    Is it a game?  A sideline in a game??  A composition???

    Yet again a plea to the person who prepares this daily puzzle: for heavens sake, quote your sources.

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    I always hate these mate in anything more then 3 or 4 for players like me (not very good ones but still like to play a lot and do these daily puzzles) this is just a waste of a daily puzzle :/

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    I'm not very good at chess but this puzzle seems wierd, black did not do any good moves.

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    I agree with melodyzhang's request..

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    can u plzz tell me why it is 4.bf6?? i am seriously confused!

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    Anybody tell me plz

    After Bf6,what is significance of Bxh2+?

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    Where is the sunday puzzle? 

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