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12/27/2013 - Incredibly Exciting Forced Mate

  • 13 months ago · Quote · #241


    ishan16494 wrote:
    snake_babu wrote:

    Can anyone please explain me why nit 2.. K*f7?




    got it. Thank you Ishan16494

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #242


    It could have been done in less moves

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #243


    Tomulous wrote:

    nevermind...there are three possible outcomes that lead to checkmate in 5 moves.

    You can only move once per turn so there is only one choice- the move that you make.

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #244


    sicheng wrote:

    It could have been done in less moves

    Not by force it couldn't.  Only if black cooperates.

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