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12/28/2011 - Mate in 4

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    paulified22 wrote:

    As long as you made right first move out of 3 way's to check,puzzle turned out quite easy,I chose Qa4,which turned out to be right move.All other check's came from Q,not ussual for dailly puzzle,white was in control from start,but I did not see mate untill move 3.Qe6...forced K to Kd4,making 4.Qe5#.Nice puzzle Chess.Com.I hope someone post's black's other moves available,to see what could have happened.Good day chess heads!!!

     Not sure what you mean by 'black's other moves available' since every move of black's king after Qa4+ is forced-there are no alternative moves !

        I like the cage formed by the 2 knights around the black king. I love these puzzles where nothing looks promising & then the mist clears...

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    This is one of the interesting mates...

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    Nicd puzzle.

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