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2/11/2012 - White to Play and Win

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    Awesome one. We will see tomorrow...

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    Good puzzle.  I was kind of hoping the black queen would take the white queen because I liked the checkmate on the very next move.  But this way works fine too.

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    Cool combination

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    I realy don't undurstande why didn't the black queen take the white queen on move two

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    baldax wrote:

    Very nice hidden mate on f7 if black capture the queen!!!

     Exactly.  I LOVE the subtle ones like this.  Really got the blood flowing to the noggin. 

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    Good, but kinda easy.

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    psyjonz wrote:

    so the point of checkmate wasnt the purpose this time???

     Nope, but these types of puzzles have ben rare lately.  I usually don't like non-mating puzzles, but that hidden mate if QxQ was worth it.

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    dunce wrote:
    Azukikuru wrote:

    Hints for posting in the Daily Puzzle thread:

    1) If you think there is a flaw in the puzzle, you simply don't understand it completely.

    Riiiiiiiiiight . . . like the times when the puzzle's busted and nothing will move. Totally the user's fault.

     Hey, I give Azukikuru a thousand bonus points for not posting "First."  He obviously saw all of the repetitious comments yesterday, and the numerous posters who didn't take the time to analyze the puzz.  I missed an obvious move, but I had the humility to ask, received a number of replies, yet a lot of other people never bothered to look at the answer, because the same question kept getting re-asked.  I'm grateful for any post that's not "easy" or "first" -- or "stupid puzzle."

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    Thought provoking & better than some recent (& trickier) ones because of no inexplicable/daft  moves that you sometimes see. Only had 1 incorrect move on the board this time-think I must be improving!

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    I somehow accidently made the right move trying to make the right move for 2)Qg3+ (I accidently dropped the queen on that square , then didn't realise it and tried to make that same move again)

    Nice puzzle though.

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    Good one.

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    good one

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    Interesting puzzle.

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    the puzzle is wrong. the black queen cud hv killed the white queen instead of moving the frog. cheap puzzle.

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    good puzzle

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    Mighty fine.

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