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2/3/2012 - Mate in 5

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    DynamicMoose wrote:
    David_Webby wrote:

    I just don't understand Andy. I'll always make you happy. You mean the world to me. I love you so much. To prove it I'll put the first post up here until you talk to me. PLEASE CALL ME.


    PS To all the haters out there when your in love as much as me you you don't care who knows. I'll tell the world.

    Yesterday it was an interesting change of pace that got people talking. Today it has simply become annoying internet pollution. This is a chess site and it should stay that way. Sometimes random comments like this can be entertaining, but not when they continue on like this. 

    Anyone agree?

     DynamicMoose:  Agree 1000%.  I don't give a rat's fart about their relationship.  I don't hate them, but this is not the appropriate place.  Try email, Twitter, Facebook, text messages, or pick up the damn phone.  It's like some a-holes hijacking a conversation at a party to talk about their relationship, gay or straight.  I'm a moderator at a forum where I have the annoying occasional poster who doesn't seem to get the point that they're totally off topic.  If you have to post love letters here to get someone's attention, the "relationship" isn't a relationship:  It's stalking.  Let's get back to chess puzzles, PUH-LEEZE!

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    That Andy and David thing is getting old and boring. Try something else please.

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    The chess-puzzle forum's big curse:

    Two trolls showing love with bad verse.

    I said with a sigh

    while throwing a pie

    The "first" posters are getting worse!

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    Not bad.

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    rook takes b6 mate! in two!

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    Smile Simple

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    cool puzzle

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    Cheers MAte
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    Good puzzle.

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    Beautiful.  I didn't get the second move, and after I was shown it everything was so obvious.  How could I have missed it?  Part of my problem was that I had been envisioning a final mate by a rook on the back row- not a rook sacrifice to put the black king in a spot with no escape squares.

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    easy peasy......

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    staz1024 wrote:

    2. Rxb6+ ?

    2.  Rxb6+   Qxf3+
    3.  Kg1      Qg2#

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    THat was easy

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    Hmmmm? quite effective

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    Nice one . not hard but not too easy

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    What about Rxb6 after Ka8? Mate, I think.

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    Nevermind, queen takes it.

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    Archit222 wrote:


    A little sipler way !

    But that would not work:

    After 2. Rh7+ 
    Black would respond
    2. ...  Qxf3+ forcing 3. Kg1 Qg2#

    White MUST move 2. Rb7++

    He might try 2. Rf7 to stave off the immediate ... Qxf3+, but 2. ... gxf3 would be almost as devastating.  One of black's threats:
    3. ... Rxh2+,  4. Kg1  Rg1+  5. Kf2  R8h2#

    3. ... Qd5 threatening the rook at f7 and the Bishop at g5 and threatening discovered check by advancing the f-pawn.

    White's best defense against these threats might be 3. h4.  But I think black would soon have an overpowering advantage - probably with 3. ... Qd5.  I don't see any way white can defend without sacrificing yet another piece in a losing continuation.

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