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3/4/2011 - D. Joseph, British Chess Magazine 1922

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     I am not or will ever be first. I like to be asleep at those times.  And I will not be the first to rant about people who say first. And though they don't anounce that they are the first first complainer.  derivative of first. you know they keep score.  But, I lay claim to first to complain loudly about the first compainers. They are the ones that burn me up.  AND I am therefore the First, second derivative of first.  Yup the real, secret, purist's purpose of these Chess puzzles. 

    Regards Fred  

    current champion of second derivative complainer.

    ' support your right to premove in the privacy of your own home'

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    sen_kwan wrote:

    this is the answer who have a question why black's king didnt take b6 pawn..


    and this is the answer who have a question why not bxa6..


    To the second question is not a draw. Black moves Qb8+ and wins the game

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    Seanacus777 wrote:

    I dont understand why white even waited to take the black queen, as well as why the king didnt take the other pawn???

     So as not to settle for stalemate.

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    Didn't get anywhere near all the moves to be honest

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    this puzzle is stupid you should ate their queen when they just turn to queen....

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    FredBatchelor wrote:
    Seanacus777 wrote:

    I dont understand why white even waited to take the black queen, as well as why the king didnt take the other pawn???

     So as not to settle for stalemate.


    Honestly I don't know who is worse:  the person who asks a question that has been answered 20 times already... or the person who answers it!



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    This was a good chess workout but I did not quite understand some of the strategy. 

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    In response to big_bald_n_beautiful : If Black takes the pawn when put in check, White will win the race to promote his remaining pawn, and Black is lost. By not taking the pawn and moving to b8, Black can at least try to force stalemate, knowing that, if he does promote his a-pawn immediately after White promotes his h-pawn, then Qh8xa1?? is stalemate. This is better than having no chance whatsoever!  If Black can force an exchange of queens at any point, then the game is drawn.

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    if the pawn was taken on b6, the White h pawn will go first all the way to the last rank without a problem, be promoted to a queen and prevent black from queening.

    While moving those queens are for 'tempo' until everything is forced and avoid stalemate

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    i think it's high time that some mods start regulating on the comments "first!" - 99

    everybody hates wading through that bullshit to get to a comment of substance.

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    A classic.  Remembered the theme from a long time ago, which helped.  But a real head scratcher.

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    Nice Puzzle. I'm confused as to the purpose of Qg8. Why not just move straight to e8?

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    guess what this its AWESOME!!!

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    mitemakeswrite wrote:

    why didn't the king take the pawn on b6 to begin with?

    if black takes the pawn then whites h pawn will queen the move before blacks pawn just like in the puzzle... exept no chance for stalemate.  so black can't really queen its pawn.

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    Nice--so old and still so difficult!

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    I don't know why more people aren't concerned with how the king could have moved, unless I'm wrong.  It is Checkmate, right?  Right after blacks queen promotion white could have moved king out of his queens way, was wondering if anyone else sees this.

    And it seems like white played a horrible endgame which ends in a stalemate.

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    very incorrect puzzle

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