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6/1/2012 - Georgiadis-Nikoleris, Athens 2002

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    here some Chess principles ( for the Chess Enthousiastic Smile )

    In the attack on the ( Castled ) King

    one should Consider and think of:

    - Gaining Access ( Forging a Breach in the King's Defences )

    - Bringing up Pieces ( Strenghtening the Attack ) ^

    - Eliminating the Defenders ( Weakening the Defense )

    with Credits to Task Chess Tutor.

    Ofcourse we also take the ' versa ' into account:

    Chess strategies: King safety

    An unsafe king is generally the greatest weakness a position can have.
    Typical elements that weakens the king’s safety:

    1. Any weakness or absence of the pawn shield in front of the king.
    2. Fewer defenders than opposing attackers in the area near the king.
    3. Lack of centre control gives attacking pieces easier access towards the unsafe king.
    4. A king that delayed castling for too long (unless the centre is blocked).

    Tip: Since the safety of the king is so important, it is one of the main principles of chess strategy during the opening stage of the game. The other important principles of chess strategy during the opening is effective development of the pieces and your share of control in the centre.

    With Credits to Chess Knights from FaceBook.

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    wow, thanks!

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    [COMMENT DELETED]  Alternate solution is one move longer (mate in 6 instead of only 5)

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