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6/20/2014 - The Long Draw

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    BryanCFB wrote:
    Nielzzoz wrote:
    BryanCFB wrote:
    catenaccio11 wrote:
    MeTristan wrote:

    so what if black doesn't queen the pawn but converts it into a rook instead? (sorry if this has been asked before)

    That's actually a very good question, as I never considered 2...f1=R, and I don't recall anyone other than you mentioning it.  It does give black a very slight material advantage, white has zero winning chances as there is no way to checkmate with just a queen and no way to win a rook as the rooks are connected, and there will be no stalemate, but white can just keep checking forever, and the result will still be a draw.

    Baryan CFB     i really like your post tracking comments of aothers and answering them that is very nice . But who could expect this action ,the issue is the surprise of the moves itself its true if been promoted as rook the game may have had other direction and black can won if sucrifice on of the rook because it can come to a point that the black king will be protected by one of the Rook blocking the black king from the white queen and at the same time the stalemate condition will not work more due to the fact that the white king has an area where can move it just depends on when the black king can find the way to check the white king continously untill they are in one line to take the queen but if am right or wrong the idea of the stalemate will not be valid any more so please track it and let me know your idea a bout my analysis.

    Where can black's king ever go that the only available check or checks by white's queen can be blocked by one of the two rooks?  White just keeps checking on squares where a rook cannot block.  So 2...f1=R is a draw.

    ya, its true a gree with you thanks for your attention.

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    oh my God!... just only for GM... my mind is too weak for that marathon!

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