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7/4/2014 - Bronstein-Mikenas 1965

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    Awww...maybe it would be last page NOW! ;)

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    jhorlock wrote:

    I didn't get the first move.  

    Just wondering experts: Is black forced to take the rook?  I can't see a much better option, but could he for example move g6?

    We have a question here is black forced to play a6 take the white rook ,what a bout playing g6 or even g5 ,will it safe the king ?? some one to answer please and pay attention ::::yes black will loose a rook but will safe his king .

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    ShaPe1991 wrote:

    what about 1.Qe8+ Rxe8 2.Rxe8+ Qf8 3.Rxf8#  that seems right?

    1...Qf8 first, and black defends.  Just because material is offered doesn't mean it has to be accepted.

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