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7/4/2014 - Bronstein-Mikenas 1965

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    ShaPe1991 wrote:

    what about 1.Qe8+ Rxe8 2.Rxe8+ Qf8 3.Rxf8#  that seems right?

    1...Qf8 first, and black defends.  Just because material is offered doesn't mean it has to be accepted.

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    anman88 wrote:

    ? but there is a easier more forcing way i dont get it. back Qe8 check exploits blacks back rank problems and wins straight away 

    Check the post above yours.

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    "Because, as others have mentioned, black would instead respond to Qe8+ with Qf8 and the checkmate has been foiled. There's no good reason for black to respond with Rxe8, especially if black sees the checkmate coming, which they would."


    but even with that its whites turn queen and rooks are gone for the black because is forcing a check that or sacerficing a major piece. yes its a good defense but white still be dominating the game regardless.

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