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8/13/2014 - Smagin vs V.Kupreichik, Minsk, 1985

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    MeTristan wrote:

    Nice puzzle.

    You have to look and see where you want the king to go.

    Here's the actual game:


    White missed the mate!
    And still won.




    All hail the Helix!

    With MeTristan saying right at the end of his post 'white missed the mate but still won', that knocks one of the possibilities that I thought prevented chess.com from finishing a 'mating sequence' out of the window. I thought that if chess.com were playing from a real game, then they were obliged to adhere to the moves that were played. But now I see that this is not the case. Sometimes chess.com end the puzzle at a place that I do not think is finished and sometimes I do not know why and this irritates me.

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