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9/6/2011 - Mate in 3

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    paulified22 wrote:

    back to sac, whack, and mate,nice position,and poor queen had to be tortured,now i know how they felt at guantanomo bay,thanks CHESS,COM.for puzzle.i wish you would give more subtle clues,clue gives puzzle away,majarity of times,especially on one or two,or three,puzzles that is to mate in 1,2,3 moves.you could get around giving out # of moves!!!!!have a good day

     Not a funny joke...Frown, by the way...the name is Guantanamo. 

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    good puzzle, but too easy

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    It really is amazing how often these things start with a queen sacrifice.  I wonder if that's really all that helpful for beginners like me.  What do you guys think?  It seems like it skews reality a bit.  I get the idea that it helps you look past the surface of a position, but why so often the queen?  I've "solved" a few of these puzzles, including this one, just by sacrificing the queen right away and then seeing what comes up. Yes, I know it's on me to really analyze the positions.  I'm just curious what people think.

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    nice but easy

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    It did not look very hard. Queen sac's always makes wins.....

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    The biggest puzzle for me is to understand why posting "first", "second", etc. is seen as an achievement? Perhaps someone can explain? Apart from not understanding it, I find these posts kind of annoying.

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    no way


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    I got it

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    i always try sack when i can't see what else to do.

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    This is true, many times I am so reluctant to give up my queen that I miss things such as this.  So I like puzzles like this, they make me think out of the box, at least for me.

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    Good puzzle. This helps to develop your tactics. Keep them coming. Thanks!Smile

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    NightHawk0085 wrote:

    It may have been more difficult to find if Black didn't have a "Mate in One" on it's own accord. Knowing that each move for White must be with Check made it easier. Enjoyed the puzzle though!

    Good point - However, white could also defend against the black Queen's threat by moving the bishop from d2 (say, 1. Bc3)  so white is still alive and might be able to win, but because he cannot double check in a single move (Bishop from d2 to a5),  black has the upper hand (a 2-pawn advantage and a tempo in which to deploy his knight).  White's Queen Sacrifice now would be a blunder.  White could also create a safety square by advancing the pawn from c2, but the King at c2 would again be vulnerable to checks from the black queen.

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    Too easy: very intuitive solution, took 6 sec to solve.

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    very easy...

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    good and clever :-)

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    can't the queen take the bishop on move 2?
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    Easy but fun. 

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