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A Beginner Asks: Is This Winnable?

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #21


    Botvinnik's Law says no.  The bishop and pawn defend one another and even if the bishops were same color the other king is barred by your king.  Opposite colored bishops are notoriously drawish for a reason, especially when material is equal.  You need to have a strong initiative to have any chances of winning an opposite colored bishop ending.

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    BS for its a draw.

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #23


    pfren was not being metaphorical when he posted "need to play ten moves". I think his count is accurate :)

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #24


    Yeah if black only has 9 moves in a row it's a draw.

  • 9 weeks ago · Quote · #25


    most probabl draw. if black palys smartly, can win.

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #26


    EDB123 wrote:

    BS for its a draw.

    Please post a line where either player wins, with the opponent making the following moves :

    if Black : ...Bb5 first. Then, play any legal moves with the king ; if none is available, play the bishop on any square of the diagonal b5-f1 that is not under attack by White's king, and come back to b5 next move.

    if White : Be3-b6 first, then any legal moves with the king. If none is available, it means the a5 pawn is not under attack (check it) so move the bishop along b6-g1 and back.


    I agree to publicly bow to your skills and change my image picture to whatever you wish it to be if you manage it.

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    Do you have any friends at the NSA?

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