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Can you respond to a double check with a double check?

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    harryz wrote:

    lets see if u know a lot about chess

    We can respond to double check with a check only.

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    InDetention wrote:

    Lol did you read the date of the thread? O.o

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    What is the maximum # of attacks one can get in one move ?

    I've done a Quadruple Attack once (w/ my Queen....which included checking the King). But, composed ?....I'm sure you can make....probably 8 to10....at least.

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    This is a simple logic puzzle.

    In the case of a knight discovering check, the only legal response will be a king move.

    Otherwise, one line piece is discovering check by another line piece while delivering check on another line. In order to meet a double check with a double check, either the line of discovered or discovering check must be blocked by the two men delivering the responding double check. Thus the original double check could not have been double check. Thus you cannot meet a double check with a double check. QED.

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    yes of course its possible. When he takes your king then you simply capture his king. Of course you need some pawns left so you can promote into a new king or better into more than 1 king.

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    how to play with oppenent

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