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Who is going to stop the Magnus Carlsen express?

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    Magnus has a new iOS app in the app store. Looks pretty good...

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    Is that his 'OH' face? (Taken from the movie Office Space).

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    According to Nepomniachtchi it is Aronian that has the biggest chances, but I wonder about his maths:

    <Which of the candidates can pose the most problems to Magnus Carlsen?>

    Nepomniachtchi: "Above all, of course, Aronian – that’s quite obvious even just from the results of their personal encounters"


    It's more than five years since Carlsen's latest loss to Aronian, and Carlsen has won seven of the last eight decisive games between the two. It's hardly obvious from those stats specifically that Aronian is Carlsen's most dangerous opponent. He may still be his most dangerous opponent though, considering that he is clear #2 and seems to be in very good shape, but not because of those head to head stats.

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