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Analyse my game

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    Can some good chess players please tell me how I can improve my chess game? I have been playing and learning for less than 1 month on chess.com. Thanks. (I was black and won by resignation of white)

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    Move 3 should've been Bb5 (ruy lopez).

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    Could anyone offer any comments with this game?

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    Your opponent missed 14 Re5+, winning your queen for a rook. You need to think carefully whenever there is a potential discovered attack to K or Q, like there was here at move 14 with White Bishop on f1, White Rook on b5 and Black Queen on a6.

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    Game 1: In the Ruy you can't allow the bishop to capture the knight if white's e pawn is supported.

    12. Bxf4 just drops a piece, and Qh4 I think just walks into a pin after h3.

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