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Analyzing my Game

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #1


    I need someone to analyze my game...

    I played White here and I lost 

    Any suggestions?

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     6.c3   14.e4    16.f5   are the possibilities I like.

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    any more suggestions?

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    what is the time control for the game?

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #5


    1hr per person

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    You play too passively. This is probably a stylistic thing. your moves are too "safe" and you try to control the situation. You like to gain space but then back off when you have to calculate or get complicated. I would recommend playing mainline queens gambit or e4 and an aggressive system like scotch or italian game.  I put a few notes in the game but this is what I am noticing as a trend. Its also my weakness too :)

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    thx tony

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     In the current game you were the onlyone with a plan and thats a huge plus!! you want to play with a plan and you try to implement it. Your opponent was only reacting to your moves. 

    That said the more I look at your game the more I think you need to sharpen your approach. There are few things your doing that I think are creating frustrations for you long term. Your trying to avoid risks.you want  a simple no non-sense approach to the game with out allowing your opponent any counterplay. This is a pipedream. THere is always a critical moment or 5 in a game where things are,.. unclear and the path narrows. This is OK! you just want to trust yourself and go for that path but have the  ability to get to the other side of it with a more clear plan than your opponent. Better chances. 

    You understand basic tactics and dont hang pieces left and right. so thats done now its time to PUSH!!!! think sumo and just smack your opponent around the ring. Pick up something on the queen's gambit, a book or chessbase material and start working on  it. Starting out in the queens gambit is fine. there are some other repertire ones as well that give a basic plan against most main replies for black. 
    Study games of players who attacked with d4. start with older players pre 1970. Dont worry so much about the style of the player since all great players could light things up when needed. Look at games finished in 40 moves or less. These are great for learning since the opponent made a big enough mistake for it to be punished quickly. try to find the mistake, is it a mistake in wasted tempo giving the player a free move to continue the attack? is it a mistake that created a weak square  allowed a piece to be improved? was it that they never started counterplay in time and only could watch their opponent attack? look at 100 games quickly like this. start with games lost in 20 moves then move up to 30 and then 40 (100 each) review them quickly first then go and examine the master games. You will see why certain things are done and why other things are not

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    thx Tony that was very helpful...

    I'll challenge you to a game

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