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    Hello, Im new to chess.com, can anyone tell me the programs that I can use to improve my skills?

     I am relatively a beginner. Hope to hear from some knowledgable people.

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    At the top of the page,there's the learn tab.Click it,and it will expand.Choose what you like,and have fun.

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    The great thing about chess.com is everything is pretty straight forward. Anyone one of us could bore you to death explaining all the features. But if your serious about chess and want to start studying it, you picked a good site.  Just click around.....you'll see.

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    Thanks this site seems informative. Are there any software programs that you use to improve your chess skills? Which are the best to use to analyse and learn the best moves?

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    Learn the 'best' move,Game Explorer.Improve your tactics,Tactics Trainer.Chess Mentor helps too.All jammed in the learn tab.

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    If you mean a file improvement.exe that you execute and that makes you stronger, no there is not.

    If you mean chess software that allows your computer to play chess on a higher level than you can, there are plenty of them on the Internet, but none will make you better - especially, they do not give any reason for their moves, which is needed to learn anything.

    You will have to learn actively to progress. Many things here are good helps (cf other posts), but it sounds like you are seeking a miracle potion, which does not exist.

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