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Did I have a chance to draw here?

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    I just played this game in a tournament in the 7th round and I lost. Qc6 was a mistake, since I left my a6 pawn isolated and that seems to have cost me the game (I wanted to simplify because calculating with the queens on the board is pretty hard in time trouble) After the queen exchange did I have any chance to draw?
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    first of all note im not a pro or anything so don't take my advice for granted. my feeling you played pretty damn well there (2000+ elo?). your opponent is very strong too.

    after qc2 it seems black does not have much to do. his queen is out of squares. his knight can't improve. good thing is white doesn't have anything to do either. with that in mind, i think the correct (more like only) plan for black is to go for qd7 nc8! ne7 and find a better future on f5 (or c6). if qc7 after qd7 you can take and gain a tempo with the nc8 plan compared to the game played. position is probably very very slightly better for black since you have ne7 and nc6. (white must bc3 to defend)

    trading queens i don't like so much since the bishop is active and usually dominates the knight in this kind of position. i have a feeling nc8 instead of nd7 was better since it actually does something on d6. white can now march on qside with 2 tempos up but at least you have chance to draw. you then start making inferior plans with f5 ( knight useless at f6) and basically you were lost there.

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    Tough ending. White's bishop is clearly very strong (definitely much better than the knight), and your pawn structure is bad.

    You should probably look for improvements in the earlier phases. An easy one would be 15.. f6. (you played 16.. f6 - just a small move order trick, by playing f6 first you would inflict a weak c-pawn if he replied Nd3 as in the game)

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