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Loss against a FM

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    +1 Irontiger

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    Irontiger wrote:
    Sagitittyus wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:

    Jealous of what ? Of having a title and giving relevant comments (for free) while you do not ?

    I gave him a free tip " You played weak you should improve" That was better than all of those jobless comments.

    You mean, the comments that actually told him stuff about the game ?


    Let me give you a secret : never die. Here you go, immortality for free.

    I dont care about money, But he said i played like 1800... it is almost impossible for a 1500 player to make such mistakes like f6 i mean im 2169 i played a lot of 2000- they play great even some of them play like nms and cms i even saw in a simul in iCC Naka was playing some players he draws vs a 1900 i see a lot of 2000- they play great but not like this , Atleast in my 4 years of playing otb 

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